Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wee bit wednesdays

it's wednesday again! i'm super busy with school because it's almost the end of the semester!! but the end is in sight. yay!

{one} have you ever been stuck in an elevator?
yes. once. i was at a softball tournament and i got stuck in an elevator at our hotel with a few of my teammates. one girl flipped out. i was ok though. the power didn't go out or anything, and we got out within 10 minutes.

{two} have you ever ridden on an elephant?
i have! i rode one when i was younger at a zoo.

{three} have you ever met a well known celebrity?
well let's see, i met ashlee simpson at a concert because i won tickets and a meet and greet. and lorrie morgan picked me up at chuck-e-cheese when i fell off something when i was little.

{four} do you have any food allergies?

{five} do you know how to sew?
i can sew, but not exactly well. i usually need a little guidance.

{six} did you get an allowance when you were young?
yes i did!

{seven} how often do you fill up your gas tank?
probably once a week. i drive a lot to school, so i have to fill up often. hopefully i won't have to fill up as much this summer.

{eight} have you ever been stung by a jelly fish?
nope, luckily.

{nine} have you ever been robbed?
i've never been robbed, but i've had a couple things stolen from me. it's a horrible feeling.

{ten} what is the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
well, i thought it'd be a great idea to chop off all my hair when i was in 5th grade. i looked like a boy. it didn't bother me then though. but when i look back now, i realize i looked super goofy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

yesterday we went to addison's first ever, official, for real easter egg hunt.

it was at the zoo.

i was excited. and a little nervous.

they had one in the morning and one in the early afternoon, and we went to the morning one. we figured it would be hotter and more crowded at the later one. and since we went to the earlier one, we got to walk around the zoo for a little bit before addison got tired.

let me just tell you, addison rocked!

we started out the morning like this...

...which made me a little worried.

but she perked up and was ready to hunt for some eggs!

one of addison's little buddies was there with his family, so she had a little friend.

don't think i'm crazy, but we had practiced some with her in the back yard earlier in the week. not so she'd win and be the best egg hunter ever, but because she had never done anything like that before, so we wanted her to kind of know what she was doing.

and she was awesome! she got out there and picked up eggs like she had been doing it all her life. her age group was 2 and under, so there weren't any older kids pushing everyone around. and there were tons of eggs. the way they did it was that the eggs didn't have anything in them, but you turned your eggs in after you finished and everyone got the same little goodie bag. i really liked that because no matter how many eggs you got, you still got the same thing. addison filled her basket about half way up, and then we stopped. she took her time towards the end and would just watch everyone else.

it was a lot of fun, and i'm really glad we went! they had a lot of other activities for the kids to do, as well as the same ole zoo stuff, which addison loves. we'll definitely be going back next year if they have it.

hope everyone has a happy easter!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

dyeing eggs

this morning addison dyed some easter eggs.

i'm extremely surprised we didn't end up with a huge mess.

but luckily, she was great and didn't turn blue, green, orange, or pink.

she did such a good job! i love that she's old enough to have fun doing this stuff now!

now all we have left is to go to an easter egg hunt, which we're doing in the morning. i'm excited and nervous at the same time. we'll see how it goes! i'm sure she'll do just fine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wee bit wednesdays

yay! it's wednesday again! i missed the new glee last night because i was in class (boo!), so i'm catching up right now. oh how i love glee. don't you??

now on to wee bit wednesdays...

{one} how often do you do laundry?
about once a week.

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?
definitely my granny's chocolate chip cookies.

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
save it. and then use it when i get out of school to move out.

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
math. for sure. i love math.

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
i remember standing in line to ride in one, but i didn't. i don't think i ever have. i could be wrong. clearly i don't remember.

{six} what was your high school mascot?

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
hmm. not sure. i kind of always wanted to be like zenon, so maybe. it'd be pretty cool.

{eight} how often do you go dancing?
pretty much never. i'm not a dancer.

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
if it's not far, i don't mind driving. but i'm not really a fan of extremely long road trips.

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
i haven't ever been caught (knock on wood), but i have re-gifted. haha. is that tacky??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wee bit wednesdays -- and a bit more

ok, first off, what's the deal with photobucket?? i'm sorry if you're having issues too with your images. i'm hoping they'll all be back up soon. their site says it will be back up by late tonight, so i'm hoping that's true. sorry for any inconvenience. i had no idea until i looked at my blog yesterday afternoon.

and, another thing. i let my domain name expire because i was going to renew with blogger (i got it through godaddy first), and before i could get it through blogger, someone snatched it up! how rude. so it's back to ole for now.

on to wee bit wednesdays...

{one} have you ever fainted?

{two} what is your favorite casino game?
well i've never been to a casino, but i like to play poker.

{three} do you have a good sense of direction?
pretty good, i think. i get it from my dad :)

{four} laptop or desktop?
laptop. i like being able to sit in my comfy chair and watch tv and be on my computer all at the same time.

{five} what is your go-to hair style when having a bad hair day?
just pulling it up. either in a ponytail or a bun.

{six} do you read the newspaper on a daily basis?
nope. i just read sale papers on sunday.

{seven} do you have a favorite celebrity chef?
i like fabio from top chef. he just makes me laugh.

{eight} what tv show would you like to make a guest appearance on?
either modern family or the office. i love both of those shows.

{nine} do you have satellite radio in your car?
nope. i'm fine with just the plain ole radio.

{ten} what was the last movie that made you cry?
oh i don't remember. probably some movie that i shouldn't have cried during, but i'm a softy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how i feel...

...about still having braces.

i went to the ortho yesterday and my braces are still on today. i'll have them for at least 6 more weeks. if my teeth are perfect in 6 weeks, they'll schedule me to have them taken off, which could be another 6 weeks later. hopefully not that long though!! but at least my teeth are straight and i'm on the home stretch!

Monday, April 11, 2011

making butterflies

when i tagged along to addison's zoo class while i was on spring break, they made little butterflies. they were super cute, and really easy to make! and cheap :)

my mom thought it'd be cute to make them for family and friends, so we did a few weekends ago.

you need:
washable markers
coffee filters (we just used the cheapo ones)
magnet strips (if you want them to be magnetic to go on the fridge)
pipe cleaners
hot glue gun
spray bottle

i gave addison a coffee filter and just let her color all over it. she colored more in the middle, so i had to help her color the outside (the outside is what shows the most, so you want it to be colorful). you just have to color on one side of the filter (addison would flip it over and try to color on the other side. silly girl).

i told addison to get excited, and she did! i think it's hilarious that she still does her get excited thing. she's been doing it since before she turned 1!

she had a big time coloring...

after she finished coloring, i put each coffee filter on an old dish towel and sprayed it down with water (using the spray bottle). we had a little drying rack thing that i laid them on to dry, but you could just lay them on paper towels or something similar.

once they were dry, i scrunched one up (just pinch the center of the filter and pull the top and bottom together. it's hard to explain, but once you do it you'll understand). then i clipped the clothespin to hold it. my mom thought it'd be cute to add a pipe cleaner as it's antenna or whatever. so she wrapped it around a pencil (you can use pretty much anything similar, and you can make them bigger or smaller depending on the look you want!). then we clipped this in the clothespin too! we used the hot glue gun to seal the clothespin shut so it wouldn't open, and then used the hot glue gun again to put the magnet strip on the back.

and the finished products!

they're really cute, and fun to make! we made a few at a time because addison would get tired of coloring, so it was a process. but it's super easy!!

have fun :)