Monday, June 25, 2012

sounds game, round 2

friday night, we attempted the sounds game for a second time.

and it was a success!

since the last game got rained out, we got free tickets for another game. but we didn't actually have the tickets until we got there. there was no guarantee that we'd be in the same seats as the other game {and we weren't}, but we'd get tickets equal to the original ones.

we sat fairly close to our original seats, just a little ways down the first base line. we were still behind the net, so that was good! and we were in the shade. which was most important, cause it was kinda hot.

addison trash talked the other team. it was pretty funny. she went and said something about them having big butts. and then she'd giggle. silly girl.

before the game, we put her on top of the dugout to get a picture. she was embarrassed at first, then she started dancing. she's been dancing a lot lately. like really getting down. it's quite entertaining.

she pigged out again on a hot dog. and fries. she was kind enough to share her fries with me. they ended up being my dinner. and i really didn't mind.

she wanted to have glasses like papa. she put some sunglasses on and pretended to read something. goober.

addison saw the mascot at our first attempt to the game and he patted her on the back. she couldn't stop talking about it, and she kept saying that he was going to do it again. she looked for him the entire night, but he never ended up coming over to our section. so at one point, we went searching for him. and we found him! addison ran right up to him and posed for a picture. then i was forced to go pose awkwardly with them. let me tell you, that mascot suit must have been hot because he didn't smell very good. but at least addison got to see him!

and for dessert, dippin dots, of course!! addison got rainbow, i got chocolate. and addison ended up wanting to share my chocolate and not eating her rainbow. lucky for her, i'm a good sharer.

the night ended with fireworks. the sounds lost, but they do fireworks every friday night. addison loved it. and the fireworks were really good! the kids got to run the bases after the fireworks, but addison asked to go home. we left around 11, so it was way past her bedtime anyways. i kind of wanted to take her to run around the bases, but since the game lasted pretty long, we just needed to go home. maybe next time!

i'm excited for our next sounds game! i hadn't been to one since before addison was born. now that i know she can make it through one {with some bribing of food and phone games}, we'll definitely be going back!

Friday, June 22, 2012

how is it friday?

well, this week went by fast.

i've been pretty busy with school. i'm almost done with the first 5 week session, so everything that piles up at the end of the session is now here. 5 week classes suck. you get it done fast, but there's just so much to do. and going monday-thursday is no fun. oh well. almost half way done! then i get to do another 2 classes in the second 5 week session. and then i get to do it all over again for 2 more semesters.

anyway, this week.

addison got to eat off of her awesome flea market find cafeteria tray. i think it's pretty cool. reminds me of grade school. she's really into reading her books to me, and the things she comes up with are pretty hilarious. and again, she pigged out on some fruity pebbles. those things are delish, if i do say so myself.

we went to lunch with papa on tuesday. addison devoured her mac and cheese. i also got yelled at for blocking the tv. oops. she has been insisting on wearing dresses and skirts that "twirl" or "spin". and by god if they don't, the world will for sure end. and this applies to princess dresses too. she can spin for days.

thursday was water day at school. addison got to wear her swimsuit and water shoes. the girl was super pumped. she said they had a sprinkler and water toys. and that it was SO MUCH FUN! i'm now addicted to jimmy john's. i get the veggie wrapped in lettuce, and it's yummy. and i feel healthy eating it because, well, it's wrapped in lettuce. today addison picked out her clothes, and we got a flamingo shirt with a polka dot skirt. and she requested braided pigtails. the girl knows what she wants. it wasn't outrageous, so i just let it fly.

we're attempting the sounds game again tonight. hopefully it won't rain on us again!! i'm excited for more ball park food. and beer.

it's supposed to be pretty hot this weekend, so i foresee some indoor activities. or pool activities. or both. who knows.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

our weekend

ok, so maybe it wasn't the weekend, exactly. more like thursday and friday.

i was seriously jealous of the dress addison wore to school on thursday. i got it on sale at gap. i love it! it's a super cute print. i wish they had it in my size. i was greeted when i got home thursday to a child that wanted to throw a massive fit. that child was also still in her princess dress {she got to sleep in it. lucky girl!}.

friday morning, in said princess dress, she stuffed her face with fruity pebbles. look at that bite!! she wore her sunglasses shirt to school on friday. we also attempted to go to a sounds game that night. unfortunately, it started pouring right when we got there. they had covered the field, but we were going to wait it out. addison got a hot dog {which she devoured}, a foam finger, and an icee. there were a few times that the rain stopped and we went down to our seats, but then it would start up again and we went back in where the concessions were. the game ended up being cancelled, but we get to go to another one for free. so we're going to try again this friday. at least we got to have our ball park food!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

little bits of happiness

i thought i'd give little bits of happiness a try this week.

i took this little girl to 2 movies this week.

we went to see madagascar 3 on sunday. we met one of addison's friends from school and her mom there. they ware SO funny together. it makes me so happy to see addison with her little friends. the movie was really cute, and the girls had a blast! i liked the movie, but i think i had more fun watching them play together {until the end when it was nap time and they both fed off of each others fussiness and it just wasn't pretty. but i'll just forget about that part.}

addison and her baby.

we also saw happy feet 2 on tuesday. there are $1 movies on tuesdays and wednesdays for a few weeks this summer, so i thought we'd try that out. we met up with one of my friends and her little boy. addison says he's her baby and tells people all about him. but he really isn't a baby anymore. they play 2 movies both days at 10 am. i think they're doing it all over, not just in tennessee. so you should check out the theaters and movies and see if there's one near you! i had to select the state because it wouldn't work with my zip code. we will definitely be taking advantage of the movies this summer!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

steppin out saturday - birthday party and mexican

yesterday we stepped out to a birthday party.

i didn't get any pictures from the party {oops}, but addison had a blast.

i think addison was the youngest kid there {or at least the youngest girl}. it was a water party, so addison got to wear her bathing suit. woo hoo!

all of the older kids did so well with addison. they were all going with her down the water slide and holding her hand on the trampoline.

we were there most of the afternoon {and through nap time}. when it was time to go, oh goodness. she said she wanted my mom and i to leave, and she wanted to stay there forever. and when i eventually just picked her up to make her leave, it was like carrying a screaming, flailing sack of potatoes.

guess who passed out pretty much as soon as we got in the car {after a few more tears about leaving}??

we ended up going to mexican for dinner. i haven't been in what feels like forever {really just a few weeks, if that}. but since we had been going once a week after gymnastics, i was so used to it. now that i have class at night, i haven't been able to go to our weekly mexican.

on addison: dress, h&m // shoes, crocs
on me: sweater, loft // tank, old navy // shorts, j crew // shoes, no idea {got them from a friend}

linking up with steppin out saturday at harper's happenings.

my mom has a love for flamingos. she got a ton at a yard sale yesterday, so when we got home she decided to put some in the yard. and then addison wanted to kiss one.

i'm not ready for the week to start back. if it's been anything like the past few weeks, it will be packed with work and school, and then seem to just fly by after the fact.

hope everyone has a good week!!

Friday, June 8, 2012


classes started back last tuesday. dude, five weeks classes are kicking my ass. and i'm only in week 2. i have to hold on for 3 more weeks...and then do it all over again. it will be worth it! {i keep repeating that in my head}

with that said, that's my excuse for slacking on the blog. i just need some sort of justification.

anywho, lately.

reading. wearing granny's hair cap. napping on the couch. pouring her gummies in her mouth. shopping at publix with hello kitty. eating an ice cream sandwich in her undies. drinking cereal milk. swimming with papa. reading the paper with gigi. having a picnic. flowers at the picnic. eating ice cream.

yup. that's what we've been up to lately.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

steppin out saturday - movie in the park

saturday, we stepped out to a movie in the park.

they were playing the smurfs {yay! slight sarcasm here}.

i was excited to take addison for a fun, free night.

they had games and chickfila cows running around and music before the movie started, and addison loved every minute of it!

on addison: dress, h&m // shoes, thrifted
on me: tank, target // shorts, j crew // shoes, rainbows

linking up with steppin out saturday at harper's happenings.

while the park is really close {like, walking distance}, we drove over. it was on the other side of the park and i had a bag and 2 chairs to carry. not to mention addison.

addison played games, danced her little booty off, and ended up making a couple little friends.

seriously. she sat with her legs crossed. who is this little girl and what did she do with my baby??

by the time the movie started {which was around addison's bed time}, addison was getting a little tired. she wanted to sit in my lap, which i was more than happy to allow. it had gotten a little chilly, and i had just brought her a blanket. we shared some skittles and cuddled up.

we ended up leaving about an hour into the movie. some other families had already left, so we weren't the only party poopers.

addison and i both had a blast! it's definitely fun getting to do special things together, just me and her.