obviously i'm bailey. writer of this wonderful blog.
i'm a full time mommy + full time student.
i graduated from belmont university in may with my degree in accounting.
i'm in graduate school. at belmont. to get my master's in accountancy.
addison is the reason i entered into the crazy world of blogging. i started blogging when she was a few months old because i wanted to have something all about her so i could keep up with all that she does. she's not a baby any more though. she turned 4 in november. crazy stuff! time really does fly.
and now i feel old. i have a 4 year old!
i may have a slight obsession with tv. i have shows that i watch religiously every night. thank god for DVR.
chocolate is one of my may weaknesses. love it.
i could eat mexican every day. and i'm pretty sure addison could too. definitely my child.
i love shopping, but it's turned into shopping for a miniature version of myself nowadays.
& i totally love my life!