Saturday, February 27, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall...

...who's the cutest girl of all??

i think we know the answer to that question...'s addison, of course!!

the other day i decided to take some picture of addison looking at herself in the mirror. she usually gets really excited, but she was a little distracted by the camera.

i really need to take pictures of her looking at herself in the full length mirror. she is so funny!

she finally warmed up to herself in the mirror. i like the pictures where you can see 2 of her. the actual her, and her in the mirror.

addison, you really are the cutest girl of all!

Friday, February 26, 2010

half full friday

today i'm participating in Eyegirl's Half Full Friday! you can go to her blog, Life As Eye See It, to see what made her happy this week, and to learn how to participate!

now on to what made me happy this week...

i am happy that it is friday!

i am extremely happy that i finished all of my biology homework, for the whole semester, last night. i'm turning it all in on tuesday so that my lowest lab AND lecture test grades will be dropped!! i'm SO happy about this!!

i am happy that i've been getting more and more emails about blog design!

i am happy that spring break is fast approaching! only 1 more week!

i am happy that addison is starting to walk! she can't stand up all by herself, but she'll walk from one person to another!

i am happy that the weather was so nice last saturday and sunday! i just wish it had stuck around!

i am happy that i'm about to do something exciting for my blog! i'll let you know when it happens :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

photo tag

Eyegirl over at Life As Eye See It did a photo tag yesterday and selected me to participate! i'm so excited! it looks like fun...

here are the rules:

1. open your 1st photo folder.
2. scroll to the 10th photo.
3. post the photo and the story behind it.
4. tag 5 or more people.

so, this is the picture!

i have a ton of pictures on my computer, and i don't really organize them. this is from august last year, and that was right after i got this computer. so, that was the first time i uploaded pictures, and the first photo folder on my computer!

and, of course, it's of addison! she's my little model.

i bet you're thinking what in the hell did you do to that child?! yes, i know. she looks like she was abused. but i promise you she was not.

i'm not going to tell the whole story of both things, helmet and cast, but i will kind of tell a brief story.

first came the helmet. when i took addison to her 6 month appointment, her dr. was concerned with her head. it was flat in the back, and he wanted to have it looked at. we had to take her to have a CAT scan (i think that's what it was) and then we had to take her to a special doctor downtown. when we saw the special doctor about the helmet, he said she didn't need it but that he recommended she get one. we decided to get a helmet for addison because we didn't want her head to be misshapen.

she had had the helmet for about a month and a half, i think, when we had another event. the helmet wasn't something that we could have controlled. her head was flat and we couldn't help that. but the next thing that happened could have been controlled, and i've felt horrible about it since it happened.

addison rolled off our bed and broke her leg. how does that happen? i mean, i know babies roll off beds, but i thought when it happened they just cried for a while and got a little bruise or something. but not a broken leg.

so, she had a cast and a helmet for 4 weeks. imagine the looks i got.

addison did great the whole time she had her helmet and the whole time she had her cast. i thought it was going to be rough, but she really didn't care about either of them. she really is the best baby ever!

if you want to read the whole story about addison getting her helmet, you can click here. and if you want to read the whole story about addison's cast, you can click here. also, you can click the labels helmet and leg cast to read posts about those as well!

so, there's the story behind the picture. it's not really the story behind the actual picture, i guess, but more of why addison looked like she did in the picture!

oh, and sorry for the bad photography in the picture. i was still learning how to use the camera!!

now on to tagging people!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


well, this morning was definitely an interesting one...

first off, i woke up really late. i usually get up around 6:45, which gives me more than enough time to get ready and relax a bit. i don't really do much, just play on the computer and maybe get a little homework done. this morning i had planned on studying for my biology quiz, so i really needed to get up on time.

that didn't exactly happen. my alarm went off at 6:45, and i hit the snooze button. well, i thought i hit the snooze button. apparently i hit the dismiss button, which totally turned my alarm off. i ended up waking up an hour late. when i woke up, i knew that i had over slept. i just had that feeling. i hopped up and got ready really fast. i guess it's a good thing that i normally wake up extra early, because even though i woke up an hour late, i still had enough time to get ready.

but not enough time to get a lot of studying in. i was able to get a little bit done, but not much.

i left the house a little late, but i had time to make it to class on time. every day on the way to class, there are always cop cars parked with no one in them. i guess they think people will slow down seeing the cars. actually, i think they do it because they know people will see the empty cars all the time and get used to seeing them and won't slow down. so they'll put a cop in the car one day and pull people over.

and that's what happened to me. i usually slow down when i see a cop car, even if i don't think a cop is in it. this time, i slowed down but not in time. i saw those lights come on and i just thought shit, my morning is going to be horrible.

it was the first time i've been pulled over*. i didn't really freak out as much as i thought i would. and the cop wasn't mean**. he wasn't nice, but he wasn't mean. i didn't cry or anything. i thought i would, and towards the end i thought i was going to. but i didn't. i was hoping he was just going to give me a warning, but he didn't.

now i have to go to court. yippee.

oh, and if you're wondering, the ticket was for speeding. surprise surprise.

*i've had a ticket before, but i didn't get pulled over. i turned right on red without stopping, and there was a camera that the light, so i got the ticket in the mail. oh, and one morning when my mom and i were carpooling, i got her to drive my car so i could eat breakfast. she got pulled over because my tags were expired, so it was my fault. but i got that taken care of and i didn't have to pay the ticket. i don't really think that counts...

**i had a really bad experience with a cop when i was in high school. that's a long story, and i'll save it for another post.

and to top it all off, i've been kind of stressed lately. i just feel like i have a lot to do and i don't have enough time. i get this way sometimes, and it goes away. but hopefully i'll be able to get a lot done this week and not feel as stressed.

hope everyone is having a better day than me! i know it could be worse, but it's still been a pretty crappy day in my opinion.

another award!!

i love getting awards! it makes me feel so special :)

this time, i got the sunshine award! i got it from abby's mommy over at 365 days: 30+ Mommyhood

i'm supposed to pass this award to 12 other bloggers. so, here we go!

Valerie at Next to Heaven

Jennifer at Keeping Up With Kaegan

Eyegirl at Life As Eye See It

Mary at Udder. Butter

Jacky at The Sweetest Petunia

Summer at Summer's Story

Amy at Ha ha. Wait. What?

ok, maybe i didn't make it to 12. i don't really follow that many blogs, but i'm working on it!!

hope yall enjoy your awards!

Monday, February 22, 2010

lazy girl

my mom got addison this little chair at a yard sale last summer. she wasn't really big enough for it before, but i put her in it the other day and she looked so cute!

since she's crawling everywhere, and can climb up the stairs, i figured she would really like it!

she's now able to climb in and out of it like a pro. she sometimes has her slip-ups, like when she just decided to go face first out of it (i think she thought she was going to be able to catch herself, but she didn't. she was fine though. it was pretty funny!).

when she climbs in, she's usually always facing the back...

she tries to get out and try again, but that sometimes doesn't work.

but she's able to sit the right way sometimes! she just has to move around a little, without falling out!

she loves being in her chair. it makes her feel like a big girl!

this picture just makes me laugh. she's sitting very unladylike, but that's ok. she's cute :)

and it's time to get out...

oh, and back in!

she does that a lot now. she just climbs in and out. it's really cute though!! i love when she just sits there and watches tv. she's such a big girl!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


first, let me just say that i know i don't use proper grammar all the time. i mean, i don't capitalize anything in my blog posts. that's one thing i can point out. and if you've ever talked to me on the phone or in person, you'll probably notice that i say "like" way too much. there's another.

also, this isn't from something i read on some one's blog. i know people make typos occasionally, and i'm sure i do it too. that doesn't bother me at all.

but simple grammar. common, kids.

i'm in my 4th online class, and it's funny to see what people write and have discussions about. i've read some people arguing over things that are stupid. the arguments make me laugh. seriously. who cares?!

ok, now to my point.

there have been a few people in my american literature online class that just don't know how to use proper grammar. here's an example "i seen that in the book." ok, really?!? i seen?!? common. i can just hear someone saying that, and it just makes me laugh. not like the haha that's funny laugh, but the seriously, you're kidding me laugh.

i could go on and on about it. i'm sure a lot of people think that everyone in the south speak that way, but we really don't. we're not all hillbillies. but apparently i have some in my online classes!!

ok, i'm done. thanks for listening (well reading, rather).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i'm trying!

the past week has been really crazy for me.

i'll explain later. but i've just been really busy and have had a lot going on.

hopefully it will all slow down by next week.

i've had some tests and homework that has become overwhelming. i'm trying to get ahead so i can relax.

i'm so excited about all the blogs i'm designing!! i'll leave you with a few that i recently finished and some that i'm working on :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

john mayer

the john mayer concert was amazing.

i meet maria at her house before the concert, and our friend jenna came and had dinner with us. we didn't really want to see the opening band, so we took our time at dinner.

we ended up timing it perfectly. right when we got there, the opening band was playing their last song...then it was john mayer time!!

i forgot to take a camera, so i took all of these pictures with my phone...

the concert was really really good. i didn't want it to end.

i still haven't bought his new cd (i'm going to buy it on itunes soon) so i didn't know the words to some of the songs. but i did a lot of singing!!

in the middle of the concert, he started talking about an interview he had. he was apologizing for the things he said, and he started crying. his backup singers started crying, too. it was kind of weird. i didn't really expect that, but i guess it's good that he apologized. i hadn't heard anything about the interview before then, so i didn't know what he had said. i looked it up the next morning and read some of it. it was pretty long, so i didn't read every part. to me, the things he said weren't that bad. i mean, it was kind of weird and inappropriate (it was playboy interview).

i really didn't want the concert to end. it was amazing. i can't wait until he comes back. i'll be at all of his concerts in nashville!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

my first legal drink

tuesday night was my birthday dinner night! we went to cantina laredo. it's a really nice mexican restaurant downtown.

if you know me, you know i love my mexican food. i used to eat it all the time. i don't get to as often as i used to, so it's a real treat for me!

we made reservations and all ordered drinks right when we sat down. i got a margarita and it was really good. and really strong.

oh, and the waiter didn't even card me! i didn't say anything, but i just thought it was really funny. good thing i'm actually 21 now!!

the food was amazing. i kind of wished i hadn't ordered a meal and just had chips, salsa, and guacamole for dinner. i know for next time! the guacamole was amazing. they make it at your table. yummmmm.

after dinner, we went to flying. i actually got carded there.

it doesn't really feel any different being 21. i can just have a drink when i go out to eat now :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it's my birthday!!!

i'm finally 21!!! yayyyyyyy!!!

i had to go to class and take my test today, though :( no bueno.

it started snowing last night around 7:30, and by 8:30 there was snow covering everything. i think we got about an inch, but it just wasn't enough to call off classes. at least not college classes. the grade schools were out. lucky!

the snow was SO pretty last night. the flakes were huge. i tried to get some pictures, but it's really hard to take pictures of snow. i took some, but they don't do the snow justice. i'll post them soon!

any who, i was able to go get my new license between my classes! so i'm not restricted anymore! i'm such a big girl :)

tonight i'm going to dinner and i'm going to have a drink. cause i can!!

i can't wait for the waiter to card me and me hand him my license! and then him say "oh, ok!". haha!!

i'll try to take some pictures of my first legal drink :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

it's my birthday eve!

guess what today is!!!

it's my birthday eve!

which means my birthday is tomorrow!!

i'm so excited!!!

i have class tomorrow, and a test. and my lab, and a quiz. i'm hoping to go get my new license between my test and lab. hopefully i'll have time!!

oh, and john mayer is in 2 days! i can't wait! hopefully i'll remember to take some pics at the concert!

on another note, we're under a winter storm warning. great! more snow. memphis got 7 inches this morning. we'll see if we actually get any. i'm still hoping i have class (crazy, i know!). but i want to get this test over with and i want to go get my new license.

just in case it does snow, i made chris run by the grocery on the way home to get a few things. i'm not really concerned about us having food, but i just want to have stuff for addison. i can eat whatever. but addison is kind of picky!!

my birthday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


if you follow me on twitter, or know me IRL, you may know who i met today...

but if you do neither of those things, then you probably don't know! and i'm not going to tell until i get pictures to post :)

so, you'll have to wait a little longer. but i will give you some hints!

she's a fellow blogger...

she makes really pretty things...

i own 2 of her creations...

and she's super cool!

one other big hint...

she's in town for blissdom! i'm totally jealous and really wish i could have gone this year, but i just didn't plan for it soon enough. i'm really hoping to go next year, though!!

any guesses? and if you know, don't tell!! :)


so, i'm my boredom, i decided to change the way comments are left on my blog.

i just went to the DISQUS website and it was super easy, and free!!

let me know what you think!

Friday, February 5, 2010

half full friday

over at Life As Eye See It, Eyegirl has Half Full Friday. she writes about things that made her happy in the past week. she chooses to see life as half full, not half empty.

this week, i decided to participate too!

i am happy that my birthday is tuesday!

i am happy that i've had more people interested in a new blog design!

i am happy that i've been able to stay ahead in school. it's only the 3rd week of class, but i haven't fallen behind!

i am happy that tonight is girls night. dinner and Dear John!

i am happy that i've been able to fall asleep easily the past few nights. hopefully my no sleeping spell has passed.

i am happy that i get to meet someone tomorrow. curious? i'll tell you who tomorrow :)

i am happy that my birthday is tuesday! did i say that already??

i am happy that the snow is all gone. it was fun, but when i had to get out in it, it was nasty.

i am happy that i got a package in the mail this week! it was from Valerie at Next to Heaven. i ordered a necklace and ring from her etsy site, Spunk and Sass Designs, and she sent a matching pair of earrings as well! and a little birthday present, and a bow for addison! she is so sweet!

what made you happy this week? do share, and link up with Eyegirl!

show us your life - beauty tips and favorite products

i don't really know if i'm the one who should be giving advice, but i'll at least show you what i use :)

first, i'll start with my hair.

in high school and my first year of college, i always straightened my hair. i have a chi straightener, and i swear by it. it's amazing. but since having addison, i didn't really have time to fix my hair. well, i probably did have the time, but i'm just too lazy. before cutting my hair off when i got pregnant (big mistake) i would sometimes put mousse in my hair to make it curly. i couldn't do that with my short hair, but now that my hair is a little longer, i can. and it's sooooo easy. for real. i use garnier fructis mousse for my hair.

here's what i do: i comb my hair after i get out of the shower. then i put mousse in my wet hair. then i dry it on the low setting (kind of like diffusing it) for a few minutes. then i just let it sit and air dry for a while, and then i blow dry it again (same as before, on the low setting). it's much less work that straightening my hair. and it doesn't get messed up when it rains!!

i also use garnier fructis hair spray. i love the way it smells. yummm :)

now on to makeup. i don't wear much at all. i've never worn foundation. i have no clue how to put it on, either. i just wear bronzer, blush, and if i want to do a little more, i put on some eyeshadow and mascara.

so, here's what i use!

i've been using benefit cosmetics for a while now. i love their bronzer, eyeshadows, and mascara. i have a ton of other stuff from benefit, but i don't really use it anymore.

i use hoola as my bronzer...

they have a ton of eyeshadows. i don't really have a favorite color. i think i have at least 5 of their eyeshadows.

and, my favorite, bad gal lash mascara. it's amazing. look at how big the brush is!!

i used to use benefit blush, but my friend turned me on to mac blush. i love it! i use it in sunbasque. i couldn't find a picture of that color, but here's another color...

and that's about the extend of my makeup collection!