Friday, February 5, 2010

half full friday

over at Life As Eye See It, Eyegirl has Half Full Friday. she writes about things that made her happy in the past week. she chooses to see life as half full, not half empty.

this week, i decided to participate too!

i am happy that my birthday is tuesday!

i am happy that i've had more people interested in a new blog design!

i am happy that i've been able to stay ahead in school. it's only the 3rd week of class, but i haven't fallen behind!

i am happy that tonight is girls night. dinner and Dear John!

i am happy that i've been able to fall asleep easily the past few nights. hopefully my no sleeping spell has passed.

i am happy that i get to meet someone tomorrow. curious? i'll tell you who tomorrow :)

i am happy that my birthday is tuesday! did i say that already??

i am happy that the snow is all gone. it was fun, but when i had to get out in it, it was nasty.

i am happy that i got a package in the mail this week! it was from Valerie at Next to Heaven. i ordered a necklace and ring from her etsy site, Spunk and Sass Designs, and she sent a matching pair of earrings as well! and a little birthday present, and a bow for addison! she is so sweet!

what made you happy this week? do share, and link up with Eyegirl!


sprinkles said...

I saw your link on Eyegirl's Half Full Friday so I thought I'd stop by and see what made you happy this week!

Good list!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great list! You need to post pics of your new jewelry. :) I'm so glad you decided to join me for Half Full Friday!

Mindy said...

What made me happy was the END of this week... too many tests! :) Does that count? lol

Valerie said...

I'm so glad you liked your stuff!! Happy (early) Birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

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