Friday, February 5, 2010

show us your life - beauty tips and favorite products

i don't really know if i'm the one who should be giving advice, but i'll at least show you what i use :)

first, i'll start with my hair.

in high school and my first year of college, i always straightened my hair. i have a chi straightener, and i swear by it. it's amazing. but since having addison, i didn't really have time to fix my hair. well, i probably did have the time, but i'm just too lazy. before cutting my hair off when i got pregnant (big mistake) i would sometimes put mousse in my hair to make it curly. i couldn't do that with my short hair, but now that my hair is a little longer, i can. and it's sooooo easy. for real. i use garnier fructis mousse for my hair.

here's what i do: i comb my hair after i get out of the shower. then i put mousse in my wet hair. then i dry it on the low setting (kind of like diffusing it) for a few minutes. then i just let it sit and air dry for a while, and then i blow dry it again (same as before, on the low setting). it's much less work that straightening my hair. and it doesn't get messed up when it rains!!

i also use garnier fructis hair spray. i love the way it smells. yummm :)

now on to makeup. i don't wear much at all. i've never worn foundation. i have no clue how to put it on, either. i just wear bronzer, blush, and if i want to do a little more, i put on some eyeshadow and mascara.

so, here's what i use!

i've been using benefit cosmetics for a while now. i love their bronzer, eyeshadows, and mascara. i have a ton of other stuff from benefit, but i don't really use it anymore.

i use hoola as my bronzer...

they have a ton of eyeshadows. i don't really have a favorite color. i think i have at least 5 of their eyeshadows.

and, my favorite, bad gal lash mascara. it's amazing. look at how big the brush is!!

i used to use benefit blush, but my friend turned me on to mac blush. i love it! i use it in sunbasque. i couldn't find a picture of that color, but here's another color...

and that's about the extend of my makeup collection!


Summer said...

Hi over from Kelly's! First off Addison is a doll! Super Cute

I have seen alot of people post about Bad Gal Lash and I think I am gonna have to write that one down!
The Hula Bronzer....where can ya get that?!

My new "bloggy" friend did a big post on MAC and I have already ordered some....YAY....

I can't wait to read more
Now a follower
Have a Happy Friday
Summer :0)

bailey said...

Summer - Thanks for leaving a comment! I don't think benefit sells in department stores anymore (I used to get all my stuff at Macy's) but I know they sell benefit at Sephora. If you don't have a Sephora, you can buy it online from either benefit's website or Sephora's website. Oh, and I LOVE MAC blush! Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Valerie said...

I have never tried MAC makeup...I may have to try :)