Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ghouls at grassmere

sunday night we went to ghouls at grassmere. we've gone the past two years and addison's had a blast. so of course we had to go back this year! addison was a fairy the first time we went and she was a pirate last year.

this year, she wanted to be ariel. she's a little obsessed with the little mermaid. but she wanted a pink tail/fin thing.

i made her costume again this year {i'll tell how i did it in another post}. i've been lucky and have been able to find pretty easy ways to make her costumes. i'm just waiting for my luck to run out.

we went right after the titans game, so addison was a little worn out. and it was pretty cold. but getting candy definitely perked her up!

addison has a halloween party/parade today at school. then we're going to the park to trick or treat, and then maybe around the neighborhood. last year addison was more excited about handing out candy, so she may just want to do that again this year. we'll see!

happy halloween! hope it's filled with lots of fun {and candy}!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

our weekend

we started the weekend with addison's {cold} soccer game. it got cold towards the end of last week, and i don't think i'm ready for it. i love wearing warm clothes and boots, but i don't like being realllllllly cold. oh well.

i had to take snacks for the soccer game. nothing makes me feel more like a soccer mom than taking snacks. i got some little halloween bucket things from the $1 bin at target for each of the kids. i put some witch hat cookies, string cheese, grapes, and drinks for the kids in them. and some light up bracelets that my mom had. i thought it was cute for the game before halloween :)

after the game addison had a birthday party to go to. we went to 2 parties last weekend. is there a birthday season?? because if so, we're in it.

sunday we went to the titans game. it was addison's second game. amy, addison, and i sat in my dad's seats. my aunt and uncle gave me their seats, too, so maegen and haley sat in those. and maria went with her boyfriend. so we were all there! we tailgated for a little bit before.

we had a blast at the game. addison behaved {for the most part}. she made friends with the couple behind us and the girl that sat beside me. we even stayed for the whole game {and the few minutes of overtime}.

after the game, we went to ghouls at grassmere. i'll save that for another post, though :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

pumpkins & witch hats

thursday night we decided to carve pumpkins. my mom was going out of town friday and i figured it was the only day we'd have time before halloween. so addison and i went and picked up a few pumpkins after i picked her up from school. and then we carved!

addison picked what she wanted me to carve. of course it was tangled. we have another pumpkin, so i may carve ariel into that one. addison's dad carved phineas from phineas and ferb. he's kind of obsessed with that show.

thursday night addison told my mom and i about how she was going to go to chattanooga to marry one of the boys from her class. and she was so adamant about it. it was pretty funny.

she looked super cute going to school on friday. she always looks cute, but some days she just looks so old.

we made some witch hat cookies that i found on pinterest. they're so easy and cute {and pretty delicious}. addison had fun helping make them. she especially liked when a cookie broke and she got to eat it. she's definitely my child!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the color run

sunday i did the color run.

along with thousands of other people.

my mom's friend started a team, so her, my friend amy, and i all signed up.

we've been looking forward to it since we signed up this summer.

amy and i may have had a little fun the night before, but we were still up for the race. we had our white on and were ready to get colored!

i don't think i realized how many people were actually doing the race until we got there. we ended in the 11th group to go. so people were done before we even started.

amy and i ran most of the way. we just walked through the color places so we could get as much color as possible.

and i think we did pretty well!!

my mom and one of her friends ran and walked the whole thing, so we met up after.

we hung around to throw our color packets that we got {which resulted in us getting even more color all over us}. and then we headed out.

i don't really know what i expected the color stuff to be, but it was just dyed corn starch. so it wasn't wet and nasty. but if it did get wet {like sweaty wet}, it kind of got caked on. which was kind of gross.

we went to lunch after, unwashed. i'm sure we looked weird {and dirty}, but there were a lot of other people out from the race so we weren't the only ones.

it was honestly a blast. it didn't seem like a 5k at all. if they ever come back, i'll definitely do it again. and i'll take addison.

if it comes to where you live, do it!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

pumpkin patch

last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. the same one we've gone to for the past two years.

addison had a blast, like in the past. and she didn't want to leave. surprise surprise.

it was a little {lot} warmer than i thought it was going to be. luckily, addison was wearing a jacket so she just took that off. not so much for me and my mom. we were pretty toasty. it was still fun though :)

we had to go on a hayride to get our free pumpkins. in the past, they just had the pumpkins out in the main area. but this year they had them a little ways away so you had to go on the hayride. they also had a new pumpkin shooter thing. addison and i did that. not well. but it was fun! i'm sure the guy who was working the thing was laughing at me.

now i just need to make addison's halloween costume and decorate and carve some pumpkins. yay halloween!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies

well that was a mouthful.

addison and i made chocolate chip cookies last weekend.

and they had oreos in the middle.

doesn't that sound so healthy?

i got the idea from none other than pinterest.

the recipe we used can be found here.

they were actually really easy to make.

they looked like huge cookie balls before they went in the oven. and then they just looked like huge cookies when they came out.

and everyone loved them! how can you not love a chocolate chip cookie with an oreo in the middle??

we'll definitely be making them again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my girl

i really don't know.

i don't know how i got so lucky to have addison.

i don't know how she's become such an amazing little girl.

how does that happen? how do kids just grow up?

it really amazes me.

it's hard to imagine her as such a little baby. obviously she was. because, common, we all know they were babies once.

but, omg. almost 4?!

i know there have been times that i haven't been patient enough.

i've lost my temper.

i haven't spent enough time working with her to write her name.

i haven't baked enough cookies with her.

i've made myself feel guilty about not being with her enough. being away at school or work.

or working on homework while she's in the other room watching tv.

or even putting a movie on so i can just have a while to sit and relax and have some me time.


everything. all of this. will be worth it. in the end.

i will be able to give addison more than i would have had i not gone back to school. had i not continued in school. had i not gotten an internship.

all of this is for us. for her.

there is light at the end of the tunnel. and i can't wait to get there.

Monday, October 15, 2012

disney on ice

last sunday we went to see disney on ice.

it was our second time to go. the first time was about a year ago i guess. i honestly don't really remember.

what i do remember from last time is that i loved it more than i thought i would. i actually didn't think i'd even enjoy it. but i was completely wrong. it was all about princesses and i was pretty much in disney heaven. right along with addison.

needless to say, i was pretty pumped about going again. probably just as excited as addison.

she dressed up in a tutu and tiara. she looked super cute!!

this time, we steered away from all of the food with little toys and just got addison a little mermaid t-shirt.

this time was a little different than last time. mickey and minnie were the hosts {as usual}. but there were only a few different, longer, parts. there was cars, little mermaid, tinkerbell, and toy story 3.

personally, i would have rather just seen princesses. but i guess repeating what they did last year would have been kind of silly.

addison LOVED it though.

the entire time, she kept asking what was next. and at the end, she continued to ask. and when we kept telling her it was over, she started to cry. she wanted more.

it was one of those times when she was upset and crying, and my mom, chris, and i were all laughing. ha. poor girl.

all in all, we had a great time. we'll definitely go back next year. and i'll be super excited if they do princesses again :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

miss us?

it has been brought to my attention {many times} that it has been over a month since i blogged.

a month is a pretty long time. i keep meaning to post pictures and exciting things that we've been doing lately {not that there's all that much excitement over here}, but i guess time has just gotten away from me.

so, you can thank my dad, who was the one reminding me of my lack of posting, but me finally returning. and i'm going to try and do better and blog at least once a week {gasp!!}.

we'll see if i'll actually stick to it.

so, what have we been up to lately??

- addison started soccer
- i bought a new {white} kindle since mine broke
- we baked cookies {and snacked on dough}
- addison had soccer pictures {so cute!!}
- we saw finding nemo in 3D
- we had the best snow cones i've every had
- it's officially fall, hay and pumpkins and all
- playing and dressing as a fairy {or really any princess}
- i may or may not have fallen in love with bloody mary's {i'm obsessed with olives, too}
- more soccer {more on that in its own post}
- bat {and pumpkin} crafts
- drawing with gigi and working a puzzle with papa
- school picture day!

that's what we've been up to! or at least all i'll bore you with in this post :)