Monday, October 8, 2012

miss us?

it has been brought to my attention {many times} that it has been over a month since i blogged.

a month is a pretty long time. i keep meaning to post pictures and exciting things that we've been doing lately {not that there's all that much excitement over here}, but i guess time has just gotten away from me.

so, you can thank my dad, who was the one reminding me of my lack of posting, but me finally returning. and i'm going to try and do better and blog at least once a week {gasp!!}.

we'll see if i'll actually stick to it.

so, what have we been up to lately??

- addison started soccer
- i bought a new {white} kindle since mine broke
- we baked cookies {and snacked on dough}
- addison had soccer pictures {so cute!!}
- we saw finding nemo in 3D
- we had the best snow cones i've every had
- it's officially fall, hay and pumpkins and all
- playing and dressing as a fairy {or really any princess}
- i may or may not have fallen in love with bloody mary's {i'm obsessed with olives, too}
- more soccer {more on that in its own post}
- bat {and pumpkin} crafts
- drawing with gigi and working a puzzle with papa
- school picture day!

that's what we've been up to! or at least all i'll bore you with in this post :)