Monday, October 22, 2012

pumpkin patch

last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch. the same one we've gone to for the past two years.

addison had a blast, like in the past. and she didn't want to leave. surprise surprise.

it was a little {lot} warmer than i thought it was going to be. luckily, addison was wearing a jacket so she just took that off. not so much for me and my mom. we were pretty toasty. it was still fun though :)

we had to go on a hayride to get our free pumpkins. in the past, they just had the pumpkins out in the main area. but this year they had them a little ways away so you had to go on the hayride. they also had a new pumpkin shooter thing. addison and i did that. not well. but it was fun! i'm sure the guy who was working the thing was laughing at me.

now i just need to make addison's halloween costume and decorate and carve some pumpkins. yay halloween!!


aimymichelle said...

that looks like so much fun.