Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ghouls at grassmere

sunday night we went to ghouls at grassmere. we've gone the past two years and addison's had a blast. so of course we had to go back this year! addison was a fairy the first time we went and she was a pirate last year.

this year, she wanted to be ariel. she's a little obsessed with the little mermaid. but she wanted a pink tail/fin thing.

i made her costume again this year {i'll tell how i did it in another post}. i've been lucky and have been able to find pretty easy ways to make her costumes. i'm just waiting for my luck to run out.

we went right after the titans game, so addison was a little worn out. and it was pretty cold. but getting candy definitely perked her up!

addison has a halloween party/parade today at school. then we're going to the park to trick or treat, and then maybe around the neighborhood. last year addison was more excited about handing out candy, so she may just want to do that again this year. we'll see!

happy halloween! hope it's filled with lots of fun {and candy}!!