Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lollipop lollipop...

...oh lolly, lolly, lolly. lollipop!

that song reminds me of the dell laptop commercial. but that has nothing to do with this post.

addison got a few little lollipops (are lollipop and suckers the same thing??) for christmas and she really wanted to have one. she actually opened it by herself very discretely. the rule was that she could have it as long as she stayed sitting the whole time. and she did really well! and looked really cute :)

after she was bored with her lollipop, she went on to open the rest of her presents that she didn't get around to on christmas day.

she did much better with presents the day after christmas. she wasn't as tired and didn't have as many to open. i'm thinking next year i need to tone down the santa gifts. we'll see...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


so i got my iPad today!! i'm actually blogging from it right now. it's pretty awesome, actually.

i ordered it sunday night, so it took no time at all for it to get here. they ship from mt. juliet, which is about 30 min from my house, so that's pretty convenient.

i'm really loving it so far and i've only had it less than 12 hours. i feel so cool. can't wait to find lots of cool games to play and movies to watch!

do you have any favorite iPhone/iPad apps? do share!

Monday, December 27, 2010


ready. set. go.

this is probably the longest post ever. sorry.

on christmas eve we did christmas with my step-mom, melanie's family. it was a lot of fun! we went to melanie's brother's house, which was gorgeous. addison had a little playmate, drew, that was there. he's a year older than her. she was very hyper, which was very surprising. her and drew played just about the whole time. it was so cute!

we had dinner and then opened presents. addison really racked up!! she got so many gifts. she was running around carrying everything she got. it was pretty funny.

while we were there, it started snowing. when we left, which wasn't until around 10, there was already some snow on the ground. addison's bed time is around 8:30, so she was already up well past her bed time. but she did really well!

we left and went back to my dad and melanie's and opened gifts. i took addison's pjs so she could be comfy while we did gifts. she was getting pretty restless towards the end, but i think she did really well. she got a little people doll house, an elmo book, and a cute print from mosie posies. i got a pair of uggs (yay!!), some much needed makeup, some heads for my toothbrush (i actually asked for them), and some money. i was so tempted to wear my uggs home, but i didn't. i did try them on when i got home though. i realized that i've gotten a pair of uggs for the past 4 christmases. maybe i'll keep that up :)

when we left, it was still snowing. i was a little nervous about driving, but there wasn't really any snow on the roads. we ended up getting home around 11:30, then we laid cookies out for santa and i put addison to bed. then i was santa!! i had to put together a soccer goal and lay out all of the presents. it didn't take as long as i thought it would, so i was happy about that!

i think santa may have gone a little overboard this year. i didn't realize how much addison was getting until i started putting it out...

since we got home so late, addison slept in a little late. chris came over and we let addison see all of her gifts from santa. she was a little overwhelmed. i don't think she looked at everything she got, but she did play with a lot of it. her favorites were her scooter, her laptop, and her soccer goal.

after we did santa gifts, my granny came over and we ate breakfast. my mom and i (and by mom and i, i mean my mom) made hashbrowns, sausage pinwheels, crescent rolls, and cheese eggs. it was yummy!

after breakfast, we opened gifts. addison was really tired by this point, and she wasn't really into opening presents. she opened a few, but then lost interest. she ended up helping everyone else open presents and we saved the rest of her presents for later.

my mom must have seen my christmas wishlist post because she got me a kindle, a pair of ray ban aviator's, and the lisa leonard keychain, as well as a few other things that weren't on my list. i was so surprised! i'm not even going to attempt to list all that addison got.

i was so excited to see my mom open her gift...

she got an ipad! yay! i ordered it on black friday and i wanted to open it so bad! but i didn't. she was so surprised and happy, and she's been playing with it ever since.

last night, i also ordered myself a christmas present. i played with my mom's ipad for a bit, and decided i'd rather have that than a kindle, especially since you can get the kindle app on the ipad. so i'm returning the kindle and putting that money and all the money i got as gifts toward an ipad. and i ordered it last night, along with a cute pink case. yay!!!! i'm so excited! i couldn't wait.

so, that was our long, exciting, fun, wonderful christmas! i hope everyone's christmas was just as wonderful! so, what's your favorite present you got this year?

happy birthday mommy!

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday dear mommy...
happy birthday to you!

hope you have a great day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

this little girl got so many awesome things this year. and so did i! now we're off to settle down after a wonderful night and day with our family.

hope everyone had a very merry christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010


wednesday we took addison to have her picture taken with santa. we attempted it on tuesday, but of course that's the only day he's not there during the week. we did get her picture with another santa when we looked at christmas lights, but we wanted another one.

addison did great! i think since she saw him the night before she was ok sitting in his lap. she got up there and just chatted with him!

the place we went was really nice. there was no line, and they let you take your own pictures. i'm not sure if you even had to buy anything, but we did. we got one picture and a cd with the pictures.

these are the pictures that i took...

and these were the 2 favorites of the ones that the photographer took. we got the last one printed...

i was really surprised at how well she did. and we were in and out of there in 15 minutes!

this was addison last year. she doesn't look too excited, but at least she didn't cry! i don't think i have a picture of addison from 2 years ago.

addison has been saying "ho ho ho!" whenever someone asks her what santa says. i think it's just adorable. so i took a video of it.

yay! it's christmas eve! only 1 day until christmas!! i can't wait to watch addison open presents tonight and tomorrow!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas lights

earlier this week i went to look at christmas lights with my new family. we drove around looking for good houses, but didn't really find anything. there was some house a little ways away that was supposed to be good, so we went out there (not before i burnt my tongue horribly with hot chocolate in the car). the house was really pretty! they had a ton of lights. you had to pay $10 to drive through it, but there was a real santa and mrs. claus that you could talk to. addison wasn't with us so she didn't get to see him that night. i took some pictures, but since the car was moving some they didn't turn out good.

the next time, chris wanted to go look at lights and wanted my mom and i to join. so we headed out to a place my mom's friend told her about. it was free, and you could get out and walk around. it had been on the news the night before, so we were expecting it to be really crowded.

luckily, it wasn't that bad. the man who does the lights had a son that passed away (not sure how long ago), but his son loved christmas lights. the dad has been putting up more and more each year to honor his son. it's really sweet.

they also had a real santa so we tried to get addison to sit with him. we figured it would be a nice warm up for when we were going to take her to see santa the next day. she has been saying "ho ho ho" and "santa" all week, but as soon as it was her turn she freaked out. so santa made chris sit in his lap with addison. it was hilarious. glad i had my camera!

my mom loves flamingos so i had to get a picture of them. and then my mom and addison posed by them...

then i got a picture with addison. it was really dark so you can barely see us (in the bottom left)

we went to see santa again when we were leaving, and addison just ran right up to him. she had definitely warmed up to him!

addison had lots of fun and ran around saying "lights" all night.

we had more pictures taken with santa yesterday and i'll post those tomorrow :)

oh, and it's christmas eve eve!! only 2 days until christmas!!