Thursday, December 2, 2010

almost done

after today, i only have 1 more day of class. then comes exams. joy.

i just hope i make it through today. i had 2 big papers due (which have been printed/emailed). so i don't have to worry about those, but i have to do a presentation for both. luckily it's a group thing, so i won't be up there all by myself.

but let me just say this. i stink at public speaking. or at least i think i do. i always get so nervous. ugh. no fun at all. i'm nervous now. but i have my notecards ready and i think i know my stuff. the first presentation is during my first class (entrepreneurship) and the second is during my third class (management). i'm hoping we can go first in both just so i can get it over with. i hate sitting there and waiting, knowing i'm going to have to present.

3:15 can't come fast enough. but i'm sure i'll survive. then after that, i'll have to finish up my last project that's due next week and start studying for exams. exciting, huh? i'm definitely looking forward to christmas break but i'm already not looking forward to next semester.

don't get me wrong. i love school. just not so much some of the classes. especially not the work. but you gotta do that you gotta do, right?

oh, school.