Tuesday, December 21, 2010

baby g

yesterday, mary and baby g came over to bake cookies and make gingerbread houses.

he has gotten so big since halloween!! and he doesn't scream when i hold him, which makes me happy :)

addison loves him too. she's obsessed. she'll say "baby" all day long. whenever he would cry, she would run over to him and be very concerned.

she even crawled up on the couch and just sat by him which she watched her favorite move, madagascar. it was so cute!

i even caught him smiling!! so cute.

of course there are more pictures of the actual baking and gingerbread houses, but i'll save those for tomorrow. don't want picture overload, although there are a lot of pictures already!!

ahhhhhhh!!! 4 days until christmas!!


Venassa said...

The second picture is adorble. He's a real cutie.