Tuesday, August 30, 2011

pony ride

when i was younger, my dad would always take me to ride ponies when they were in town.

since addison is old enough to do that now, my dad has been on the lookout for ponies around town. he took her while i was on my big girl vacation for the first time, and she loved it!

he saw that there were ponies in town last weekend, so we all went! she definitely looks like she knows what she's doing.

they had 2 bounce things there too, so she played on those after. it's crazy watching her do everything all by herself!

she had so much fun! hopefully we can take her back soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.

i may have slacked a little with pictures. sometimes i just forget. oops!


monday was one of my slacking days. addison had mdo and i hung out by the pool. i wanted to get as much sun as possible before class started on thursday.


tuesday was a really busy day. addison and i went downtown to my school so i could get a parking pass. my friend maegen went with us, and my other friend amy met us there. amy is going to school there now too, but she's in the grad program. i showed her around a little bit while we were there, but it was so hot! my friend jenna met us all for lunch, and then all of us, minus amy, went to jenna's pool. after the pool, we went home. addison passed out on the way home and slept on me for about an hour. then when she finally got up, we went to mexican with my mom, jenna, and maegen. we went for the balloon lady, of course. but she wasn't there. we were all very disappointed.


wednesday addison had school again. after i picked her up, we went and got ice cream from sonic. addison loves their cones, just like her mommy. she's a little messier than me, though.


thursday was my first day of class. it went really well! aside from me wanting to fall asleep in just about ever class. i'm not used to being up that early. unfortunately i'll have to get used to it again. that night jenna, maegen, and amy came over for jersday. yes, i have become obsessed with jersey shore. my friends are to blame. so now, every thursday, we get together for jersday and watch jersey shore and make drinks. it's quite fabulous, actually.


friday , addison and i went to a few yard sales with my mom. addison got a little horton elephant. after that, we took my mom's car through the car wash. addison loved that. she stayed with her daddy that night and maegen and i had a little girls night. we got chinese takeout and watched the proposal. i have a major major crush on ryan reynolds. major.

that was our fun filled, busy, exciting week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

concert week

i was so excited about last wednesday.

so excited.

it was jenna's birthday and we were going to have a fun pool day.

then, maegen and i were going to the maroon 5 concert.

omg. adam levine.

i made cake pops for jenna's birthday, which i had never made before. i see them online all the time and always thought they were super cute, so i thought i'd give them a try. i didn't get any pictures of them, but they turned out pretty cute! and everyone seemed to really like them. so i guess i did a pretty good job :)

addison got to come to the pool after she got out of school, and she had a blast. she loves my friends, and they love her too. which i'm so thankful for!

we all went to eat mexican {minus addison} before the concert and then it was maroon 5 time!

we got there right when they were getting on stage {neither of us really liked train, so we didn't care about seeing them}.

adam levine. yum.

they played a lot of their old stuff, which i loved. i know all of their songs. i've remained quite the loyal fan over the years.

buttttttttt, they were only on stage for about an hour. which was kind of disappointing. i could have listened to them all night. and i could have definitely watched adam all night.

it was my first time to see them in concert and it was definitely worth every penny!!

that was wednesday night. now, skip to friday.

i got a call from maegen and she said that her dad got tickets from his work for the katy perry concert and wanted to know if i wanted to go.

let me go ahead and say that i've never really been a huge fan of katy perry. a few of her songs really annoyed me and i just wasn't into her. but recently, i've started to like her and i kind of wanted to go to her concert. but not enough to buy tickets.

so, i got to go see katy perry too!

it was an amazing concert. she was great. she played for what seemed like a really long time, which was awesome.

i haven't really gone to many concerts, so 2 in 1 week was definitely a record for me!!

they were both so much fun! great way to end the summer.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to school

today was my first day of class.


not really.

my schedule is kind of weird because i have 2 first 8 weeks classes. they only meet once a week for 8 weeks, so i get the class over with in half a semester.

anywho, i thought both my 8 week classes were on tuesdays, so i was quite disappointed yesterday when i saw that i had one today. and it was the 8 am one.

it was fine though! aside from horrible traffic and me being 2 minutes late. but other people were late too, so it wasn't just me. i was on time to all my other classes. which are all in the same building. and 4 are in the same 2 rooms. if that makes any sense.

i'm still a little in denial that school has started. i know that will go away pretty quickly because i'll be so busy doing school work. i'm hoping this semester isn't too bad. all of my teachers seem to be ok. none stand out just yet. but it is just the first day.

now i'm off to order a couple more books. joy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wee bit wednesdays

wow. i haven't done a wee bit wednesday in forever!

school starts tomorrow, so hopefully i'll be able to keep up with it :)

{one} what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
oh wow. i have a ton. i've started watching jersey shore {never thought i'd say that}. i'm a sucker for any of the housewives shows too. i really love tv.

{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?
i strongly lean towards no, but i think it can work occasionally.

{three} do you have dish or comcast?
neither. at&t uverse.

{four} what's your favorite current fashion trend?
gosh i don't know. i really love flowy shirts with skinny jeans or shorts, but i just need to find some! and i'm loving chunky bracelets and watches. i definitely need to get a cute watch!!

{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue, what would it be?
i would love to learn another language. actually, lots of other languages. i know a tiny bit of spanish, and that's about it. i'm just not quick picking up other languages, but i think it would be so cool and helpful!

{six} red or white wine?
either. red makes my face get really hot though.

{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)
i love mexican and italian. yum.

{eight} hp or mac?
mac all the way! used to be a pc girl, but i switched over last year and haven't looked back. love my mac!

{nine} what color is your bedroom?
tan. i really love it. i just need to keep it clean...

{ten} what's your favorite form of exercise?
circuits. it goes by really fast and i get in a really good workout!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

big girl vacation

2 weeks ago i headed out to the beach with a group of my friends.

we left friday afternoon and stopped in atlanta for the night. then we headed out saturday morning to hilton head.

my friends have gone to hilton head for the past few years, but this is the first year that i was able to go.

it was my first time to be away from addison for a week. and i was really worried about how she would do.

she did great. i think she missed me, but she was so busy that she didn't really care. we told her i was going on a "big girl vacation". she stayed with her dad, my mom, and my dad throughout the week. i think she had a lot of fun with everyone.

we got to FaceTime a few times, which was really nice. addison would talk for a minute and then run off and do other things while i talked to my mom or my dad. she's a busy kid.

and i had a lot of fun with my friends at the beach! i hadn't been to the beach in a few years, and it was so nice and relaxing. and i got really tan. score!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

last day of swim lessons

addison went back for a third week of swim lessons 2 weeks ago.

she hadn't been in a few weeks, so the first day back wasn't exactly perfect. but she got better the second day, and the other three days were perfect!!

i'm so glad she warmed up to swim lessons. she was such a different child than she was at her first few days of class! she did such a good job.

the last day was a little different than the rest. it ended up storming right after the class started that morning, so they called it and we came back later that afternoon. i was a little stressed because i still had to pack to for the beach and i didn't want to miss her last swim lesson. everything was fine though!!

that afternoon, all the parents got to go sit out by the pool and watch the kids {instead of hiding in the carport}. addison did great! she'd just wave to me and smile. and being closer meant i got better pictures!

she got to dive for rings again and she loved it.

she was so proud of her pink ring!!

addison and her favorite swim teacher.

and this is addison with ms. carolyn.

of course, i had to throw addison in the pool since it was the last day. whenever the swim teachers throw her in, she doesn't care. but when it was my turn, she got a little upset. but she did great!

i'm so proud of her!

Monday, August 15, 2011

fall mdo

i'm back!

i bet you didn't even know i was gone.

well, i took a little vacation and went to the beach with a group of my friends for a week.

but i'll blog about that later.

today addison started back at mdo for the fall!

she really wanted to carry her backpack like a big girl. she held her lunchbox for a second, but then said it was too heavy.

i can't believe how big she's gotten since her first time at mdo.

i was kind of worried about how she would do since i just got back from being gone a week. but she did great! ran right in and then just looked back and waved bye.

i'm a little nervous about today because it's her first day at mdo potty trained. at the end of the spring, she was pretty much potty trained but i always sent her in pullups just in case. but today she went in panties. i'm sure she'll do fine though! she's such a big girl now.

can't wait to go pick my baby girl up!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

fun at the fountains

last week i took addison over to the fountains at indian lake {an outdoor shopping center nearby}.

i forgot that hendersonville was having some water issues. apparently due to the heat, something is in the water. they're working on cleaning it {or fixing it. i don't know}. but, needless to say, the water smelt pretty bad.

the fountains were still on and there were other kids playing, so i just let addison play with them. i figured she'd be fine as long as she didn't drink much of it.

luckily, i had a cup in my car that she could play with because all of the other kids had cups too. didn't want her to feel left out!

and of course addison made new friends...

it was so hot outside, so i didn't last long. it gets hot really fast when you're not in the water!

addison had lots of fun. she had a bath as soon as we got home because she smelt a little bad {maybe more than a little}.

i'm sure we'll be going back. hopefully they get the water fixed soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

addison's first sleepover

monday night, addison had her first sleepover.

my cousin, georgia, called me last week and wanted to know if addison could come spend the night with her or if she could come spend the night here. i thought addison would be better here, so i suggested she come over here! addison loves georgia, so i knew she'd be so excited about the sleepover. georgia is 9, but it think she's always wanted a younger sibling. so when addison came along, georgia loved being around her because it was like she had a little sister! and now that addison is older, she's more fun to play with!

addison's a good cuddlier sometimes...

i hadn't really thought of what all we would do, and when georgia wanted to make a craft, we had to be creative and come up with something. while we were figuring out what to do, addison and georgia colored on my mom's new chalkboard table! my mom got it at a yard sale and painted the top with chalkboard paint. i kind of made fun of her for doing it, but i've been drawing on it a lot. it's fun!

we decided to make flower pot magnets. first it was just going to be flowers, but we decided the flower pots would be really cute! addison helped a little bit, then she had to nap. georgia and i finished them up and addison was excited to see them when she woke up!

i think they turned out super cute! there was 1 for each of us.

we ordered pizza for dinner and watched madagascar {requested by addison}.

then georgia read addison llama llama before bed.

we got donuts for breakfast yesterday and then they watched another movie and played.

when we made the flower pots, we also made little headband things. addison didn't want to wear hers monday night, so i couldn't get a picture then. but she decided she wanted to wear it {for just a second} yesterday morning, so i got a picture!

i think addison had a lot of fun having a sleepover. she talked about it all last night and this morning. hopefully we'll be able to do it again!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new cousin

a few weeks ago, my cousin, liz, came to visit. i don't get to see her very often. she used to live in florida, but her and her husband moved to alaska, which is a long way away!

i was so excited to see her. but even more, i was excited to see her new baby boy!!!

addison loved spending time with her new cousin, finn. she really likes babies now.

she got in some granny cuddle time.

addison loved loving on finn. she gave him kisses and held his hand. so sweet.

i love when she crossed her legs. she's a goober.

addison then insisted that finn sit in a bedpan. great idea, kid. he actually liked it, surprisingly enough.

and i just had to post this picture of my mom and addison. both playing on their phones {addison's really on mine, but she seems to think it's her's sometimes}.

we had a great visit with liz and finn. i'm so glad we got to see them and got to meet finn! i can't wait to see them again, hopefully soon. we may have to make a trip up to alaska!