Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to school

today was my first day of class.


not really.

my schedule is kind of weird because i have 2 first 8 weeks classes. they only meet once a week for 8 weeks, so i get the class over with in half a semester.

anywho, i thought both my 8 week classes were on tuesdays, so i was quite disappointed yesterday when i saw that i had one today. and it was the 8 am one.

it was fine though! aside from horrible traffic and me being 2 minutes late. but other people were late too, so it wasn't just me. i was on time to all my other classes. which are all in the same building. and 4 are in the same 2 rooms. if that makes any sense.

i'm still a little in denial that school has started. i know that will go away pretty quickly because i'll be so busy doing school work. i'm hoping this semester isn't too bad. all of my teachers seem to be ok. none stand out just yet. but it is just the first day.

now i'm off to order a couple more books. joy.