Friday, August 26, 2011

concert week

i was so excited about last wednesday.

so excited.

it was jenna's birthday and we were going to have a fun pool day.

then, maegen and i were going to the maroon 5 concert.

omg. adam levine.

i made cake pops for jenna's birthday, which i had never made before. i see them online all the time and always thought they were super cute, so i thought i'd give them a try. i didn't get any pictures of them, but they turned out pretty cute! and everyone seemed to really like them. so i guess i did a pretty good job :)

addison got to come to the pool after she got out of school, and she had a blast. she loves my friends, and they love her too. which i'm so thankful for!

we all went to eat mexican {minus addison} before the concert and then it was maroon 5 time!

we got there right when they were getting on stage {neither of us really liked train, so we didn't care about seeing them}.

adam levine. yum.

they played a lot of their old stuff, which i loved. i know all of their songs. i've remained quite the loyal fan over the years.

buttttttttt, they were only on stage for about an hour. which was kind of disappointing. i could have listened to them all night. and i could have definitely watched adam all night.

it was my first time to see them in concert and it was definitely worth every penny!!

that was wednesday night. now, skip to friday.

i got a call from maegen and she said that her dad got tickets from his work for the katy perry concert and wanted to know if i wanted to go.

let me go ahead and say that i've never really been a huge fan of katy perry. a few of her songs really annoyed me and i just wasn't into her. but recently, i've started to like her and i kind of wanted to go to her concert. but not enough to buy tickets.

so, i got to go see katy perry too!

it was an amazing concert. she was great. she played for what seemed like a really long time, which was awesome.

i haven't really gone to many concerts, so 2 in 1 week was definitely a record for me!!

they were both so much fun! great way to end the summer.