Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!

addison had her halloween party at school on friday.

she was a ghost. my mom got the idea off pinterest and made her shirt and tutu.

we i made sucker spiders for all of the kids in addison's class. they were a little difficult at first (the legs, at least) but i got in the hang of it. i thought they turned out super cute!

addison let me snap a picture of her with our pumpkins the other night too. i had to trick her into smiling, but hey, it worked! i carved tinkerbell in my pumpkin, and i'm pretty proud of her

last night we went to ghouls at grassmere. it's a trick-or-treat thing at the zoo. we went last year, and we all had fun. so we decided to go back this year.

i didn't know if it would be crowded because it's the last night of it and the night before halloween, but it ended up not being too crowded.

but it was kind of chilly.

addison was a pirate. it was completely her idea. i made the skirt and i love the way it turned out! i made it like i did her tutus, but with fabric and a little tule. she already had the leggings and shirt, and my mom had the head scarf thing. the black shoes were the only thing we had to buy, and i think they are super cute and i know she'll wear them a lot after halloween.

she didn't really let me take pictures, and it was dark, so i didn't get many good ones. hopefully i will get better ones tonight.

there was someone working at the zoo that was dressed up as a pig, and addison loved it. she went and talked to the pig and didn't want to leave. she even gave the pig a hug goodbye. so sweet!

i'm excited about taking addison trick or treating tonight! and sharing her candy :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin patch

last weekend we ventured out to the pumpkin patch.

we went to the same one as last year. i seriously cannot believe how much addison has changed. she looks so tiny in the pictures from last year!

this year she got to do a lot more. it wasn't as crowded as it was last year, so that was really nice. it felt amazing, too. addison is a whole lot more outgoing than she was last year and she wanted to do everything.

they had a thing full of corn that the kids could play in. i wanted addison to do it last year, but since it was really crowded, she didn't get to. she did this year though! and she loved it. she actually did it twice. and she had corn all in her short. saving it for later, i guess.

addison really enjoyed seeing all of the animals. she was especially excited about feeding the goats.

i love how excited she looks in this picture.

she played with the donkeys too.

they had little cows pulled by a 4-wheeler, and addison was all about that. she did it twice. she wanted me to go with her the first time, but when it was her turn, she ditched me.

she wanted to go a second time, and i wanted to go with her. i thought it would be fun.

ya, i was wrong. i thought the cow was going to tip over. other parents rode with their kids, so i knew it wouldn't tip over, but i was scared. i just closed my eyes the whole time. but addison had a blast! she yelled "weeeeeeeeeeee!" and "yay!!!!!!" the whole time.

she wasn't too excited about picking out a pumpkin because we told her we had to leave after that. but we let her run around and gather different pumpkins to choose from. she was pretty proud of her choices.

i guess she decided she wanted to show off and she grabbed two.

she passed out 10 minutes into the ride home. guess 3 hours at the pumpkin patch wears a kid out.

Monday, October 24, 2011

fall festival 2011

let me start by saying we have had a super busy weekend.

craft and big girl sleepover friday night.
yoga, fall festival, birthday party, dinner, and wicked on saturday.
pumpkin patch on sunday.

i felt like we never stopped. especially saturday. but it was all so much fun and i took a lot of pictures so now i can blog!

addison's school had their fall festival saturday. i hadn't planned on going, but it was free and my mom talked me into it. i'm so glad we went!

i really love addison's school. they are all so nice and she's learning so much already and it's just a great school.

at the fall festival they had different activities in every classroom and 2 bounce houses outside. wonder what we did first?

addison is seriously obsessed with bounce houses. so we spent a good amount of time out there. and it was gorgeous so we didn't mind.

she did a few things in the classrooms, like decorate a pumpkin...

...and play musical chairs. where she decided it was best to just sit and eat her sucker.

she got to pick out a pumpkin and left it in her classroom because they are going to paint them sometime this week.

they had lunch {subway and chickfila and some other snacks}, so that was awesome. i love watching addison run around with other kids. it makes me a happy and proud mama.

after lunch, addison got her face painted. well, it was really just a face crayon or something, but she got something on her face. she wanted a lion, but the girl said she didn't think she could do a lion. so we went with something a little simpler...a butterfly.

i'm excited about other fun school events! she's already been invited to 2 parties, of which i have no clue who the parents or kids are. but i think we may go to both so she can make friends and i can make parent friends. we're both growing up!

Friday, October 7, 2011

first day of preschool

well, yesterday was actually addison's first day of preschool. but since i also had school, her dad and my mom took her. so i missed out on the first drop off. i did get to go pick her up though!

so these pictures are a slight fib, since today is really her second day of preschool. but one day isn't that big of a deal, right? right.

i've seen this idea a few times before, most recently on harper's happenings. my mom is a bit of a chalkboard freak, which came in handy since i wanted to use small chalkboard for the info. addison said it was heavy {it really wasn't. she just likes saying things are heavy}. so she opted to sit with it. and then it wasn't so heavy when it was her idea to stand with it. things seem so much better when they're your idea!

she did great when she was dropped off yesterday {my mom gave me all the details} and today! she's been going to MDO for a little over a year, so she's used to going to "school". MDO was twice a week for 5 hours, and she's going twice a week to preschool, but just for a longer. it's more structured, with more learning and discovering and crafting and everything that an almost three year old could wish for.

i'm so proud of my pookie. she's growing up so fast. i can't believe she will be 3 next month. tear. it makes me happy and sad at the same time. i'm so happy to get to watch her grow up and become an amazing little girl, but it makes me so sad that she isn't my little baby anymore. but every day she learns something new and discovers new things and says new things and sings songs, and it's SO much fun. i'm just soaking it all in and enjoying it while she still likes playing and hanging out with her mommy :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

my new love for luggage

i don't know when it happened.

but i've developed a love for old luggage.

my mom, maegen, and i went to the flea market in august and saw a lot of old luggage for sale. but, it was kind of pricey. like $20-$40. not really in my price range.

btw, that trip to the flea market was a huge success. maegen and i both got purses {leather, crossbody purses, which i had been on the hunt for}. mine is fossil and is kind of worn, which i like. i don't remember what brand maegen's is. but, we got them for $7.50 each. that's one of the many benefits of having my mom there...bargaining with the sellers. i also got a pair of armani sunglasses {they're from the 90s. kinda vintage. super cute}. and i got a gold chain necklace, a gold and white bracelet, and a pocket watch to put a chain on and make a necklace. score!!

anyway, back to luggage.

so my mom and i went to a huge community garage sale a few weekends ago. we got up super early {like 5:45} so we could get there bright and early.

and i found these beauties. there was a kind of retirement community that was having a yard sale, and these 3, adorable old women had a garage full of stuff {seriously full. packed. i don't know how they had so much stuff}. but i found these 2 among all the stuff.

$7 for both. love them! they do kind of smell like moth balls, but my mom said she knows a way to remove the smell, so we're going to try that.

we also went to yard sales last weekend. i found this super cute suitcase at one, and i really wanted it. but i didn't get my hopes up because i figured it'd be at least $15, which i didn't want to spend.

but, my mom asked the seller how much she wanted for it. and guess what she said....

...$1. that's it. a dollar. ahhhhhhh! she said her husband would probably have wanted more, but he wasn't out there with her and she didn't care. i was so excited!

i haven't exactly decided what i want to do with my luggage yet. i think i want to use them as decorations in my room, but i can also use them for storage. i'd seriously consider using them as luggage when i travel {which isn't very often}. they're pretty small though, and i'm quite the over packer. they're going to get used somehow because i love them!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



i just noticed that i only blogged 3 times last month.

that's sad.

i've just been so busy with school. and i haven't really taken many pictures with my good camera. just my phone since it's so convenient.

so, i've decided i'm going to start doing some randomness posts. it will just include some random pictures and things that we have done recently. i did one last month, and it was good for me to just throw things together and actually write a post.

addison passed out in the car the other day. how uncomfortable does that look? i tried to wake her up multiple times so she could just readjust, but she would still end up in that position. she has also gotten really sweet with her baby dolls {sometimes}. she will read them books and gently put them in bed. and other times she'll put them in time out. cute and funny, either way.

this past weekend there was a halloween thing going on in the shopping center close to us. i don't know why they did a halloween thing so early, but we took advantage of it! they had a whole section of the parking lot blocked off, as well as the whole main area filled with bounce things, face painting stations, and food making booths. she played in one of the bounce things and then got on the big slide one. i didn't know how she'd do on that, but she did great! a lot of the bigger kids would climb over/around her, but she didn't care. she loved it! hey also had booths set up all around the parking lot with companies giving out candy. so addison got a little practice trick-or-treating. and they even had a firetruck for the kids to "drive"! addison tried to put it in gear. luckily, she was unsuccessful.

and last but not least, i have recently enjoyed making potato head people with addison. she is pretty good at making them, but she sometimes wants me to help. so i made a happy potato couple.

that was our excitement for the past couple of weeks. hopefully i'll be able to keep up with the randomness posts just so i'll actually have something to post!

Monday, October 3, 2011

addison's first movie

addison went to her first movie a few weekends ago.

we went with my mom and 2 of my friends {maegen and haley}.

what did we see, you ask?

lion king, of course!!

in 3D, of course!!

that is the only picture i took. and it was before i realized that they gave us kid 3D glasses, so she was wearing adult ones.

we got popcorn {what's a movie without some good, buttery popcorn??} and we were set. although addison did get some lovely buttery fingerprints on her glasses, so we had to wipe them off a few times. it was hard to see through the butter.

addison was SO good. there were a lot of other kids there, so i wasn't really worried about her talking a little. she would say "he's in trouble" and "he's sad" and "he's happy" throughout the movie whenever something would happen to simba. but that was about it. she just sat there and ate a TON of popcorn and watched the movie!

i haven't seen it in forever and i had forgotten how good it is. i was singing along the whole time. and yes, i cried when mufasa died.

it was a great first movie experience, and i can't wait to take her to see more!! it gives me an excuse to see kid movies that i want to see, but feel weird going to see as an adult. i think the next one will be happy feet 2.