Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!

addison had her halloween party at school on friday.

she was a ghost. my mom got the idea off pinterest and made her shirt and tutu.

we i made sucker spiders for all of the kids in addison's class. they were a little difficult at first (the legs, at least) but i got in the hang of it. i thought they turned out super cute!

addison let me snap a picture of her with our pumpkins the other night too. i had to trick her into smiling, but hey, it worked! i carved tinkerbell in my pumpkin, and i'm pretty proud of her

last night we went to ghouls at grassmere. it's a trick-or-treat thing at the zoo. we went last year, and we all had fun. so we decided to go back this year.

i didn't know if it would be crowded because it's the last night of it and the night before halloween, but it ended up not being too crowded.

but it was kind of chilly.

addison was a pirate. it was completely her idea. i made the skirt and i love the way it turned out! i made it like i did her tutus, but with fabric and a little tule. she already had the leggings and shirt, and my mom had the head scarf thing. the black shoes were the only thing we had to buy, and i think they are super cute and i know she'll wear them a lot after halloween.

she didn't really let me take pictures, and it was dark, so i didn't get many good ones. hopefully i will get better ones tonight.

there was someone working at the zoo that was dressed up as a pig, and addison loved it. she went and talked to the pig and didn't want to leave. she even gave the pig a hug goodbye. so sweet!

i'm excited about taking addison trick or treating tonight! and sharing her candy :)


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what a cute pirate!!

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