Monday, October 24, 2011

fall festival 2011

let me start by saying we have had a super busy weekend.

craft and big girl sleepover friday night.
yoga, fall festival, birthday party, dinner, and wicked on saturday.
pumpkin patch on sunday.

i felt like we never stopped. especially saturday. but it was all so much fun and i took a lot of pictures so now i can blog!

addison's school had their fall festival saturday. i hadn't planned on going, but it was free and my mom talked me into it. i'm so glad we went!

i really love addison's school. they are all so nice and she's learning so much already and it's just a great school.

at the fall festival they had different activities in every classroom and 2 bounce houses outside. wonder what we did first?

addison is seriously obsessed with bounce houses. so we spent a good amount of time out there. and it was gorgeous so we didn't mind.

she did a few things in the classrooms, like decorate a pumpkin...

...and play musical chairs. where she decided it was best to just sit and eat her sucker.

she got to pick out a pumpkin and left it in her classroom because they are going to paint them sometime this week.

they had lunch {subway and chickfila and some other snacks}, so that was awesome. i love watching addison run around with other kids. it makes me a happy and proud mama.

after lunch, addison got her face painted. well, it was really just a face crayon or something, but she got something on her face. she wanted a lion, but the girl said she didn't think she could do a lion. so we went with something a little simpler...a butterfly.

i'm excited about other fun school events! she's already been invited to 2 parties, of which i have no clue who the parents or kids are. but i think we may go to both so she can make friends and i can make parent friends. we're both growing up!