Wednesday, October 5, 2011



i just noticed that i only blogged 3 times last month.

that's sad.

i've just been so busy with school. and i haven't really taken many pictures with my good camera. just my phone since it's so convenient.

so, i've decided i'm going to start doing some randomness posts. it will just include some random pictures and things that we have done recently. i did one last month, and it was good for me to just throw things together and actually write a post.

addison passed out in the car the other day. how uncomfortable does that look? i tried to wake her up multiple times so she could just readjust, but she would still end up in that position. she has also gotten really sweet with her baby dolls {sometimes}. she will read them books and gently put them in bed. and other times she'll put them in time out. cute and funny, either way.

this past weekend there was a halloween thing going on in the shopping center close to us. i don't know why they did a halloween thing so early, but we took advantage of it! they had a whole section of the parking lot blocked off, as well as the whole main area filled with bounce things, face painting stations, and food making booths. she played in one of the bounce things and then got on the big slide one. i didn't know how she'd do on that, but she did great! a lot of the bigger kids would climb over/around her, but she didn't care. she loved it! hey also had booths set up all around the parking lot with companies giving out candy. so addison got a little practice trick-or-treating. and they even had a firetruck for the kids to "drive"! addison tried to put it in gear. luckily, she was unsuccessful.

and last but not least, i have recently enjoyed making potato head people with addison. she is pretty good at making them, but she sometimes wants me to help. so i made a happy potato couple.

that was our excitement for the past couple of weeks. hopefully i'll be able to keep up with the randomness posts just so i'll actually have something to post!