Saturday, January 30, 2010

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

well, the weather-people were right this time! we got a lot of snow yesterday!

it started snowing around 10 yesterday morning and really didn't stop until late last night.

chris had to work yesterday, but came home early due to the weather getting bad. after addison had lunch, we took her outside so she could see the snow. we didn't really bundle her up because she was outside for maybe 5 minutes. we weren't going to stay out very long.

chris tried to teach her how to eat snow, but she wasn't really catching on.

when we brought her back inside, she threw the biggest fit ever. seriously. she was screaming, crying, and kicking. she went to the door, stood up, looked outside, and cried. she wanted to go back out in the snow. it was like the wagon obsession all over again.

this morning we woke up to a lot of snow. well, maybe not a lot, but it was a lot for us. it doesn't really snow much here.

anyway, we bundled addison up and prepared to go play in the snow. she was excited and ready!
she looked like a puff ball outside. i didn't really want to put her in the thing chris got her because she couldn't really sit up in that. so i put her in this snowsuit my mom got her a while ago.

we tried to make her crawl around, but she just sat there.

of course i took some pictures of the snow covered street and everything outside...

so, addison's shoes started coming off while we were outside. we decided to were going to take her inside and change her into the thing chris got her, since it had feet and she wouldn't need shoes.

you know how i said she threw a fit when we brought her inside? see for yourself...

she wasn't upset to be going back out in the snow. she was upset that she was taken away from the snow. i laugh so hard when i see this picture.

chris gave addison some kisses in the snow...

another picture of the tree and snow...

chris thought it would be a good idea to take addison on a wagon ride. she had a lot of fun riding in the snow.

she cried and cried when i finally took her inside. poor girl. at least i won't really have to deal with it much since we don't get snow very often! but we sure do enjoy it when we get it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

addison's ready!

last night, when i came home from the gym, this is what i found...

i laughed so hard when i saw addison in this snowsuit. chris stopped by children's place on his way home from work and picked it up.

as you know, we're expecting a good amount of snow today. it's already been snowing the majority of the morning and it's starting to stick in some places.

chris wanted addison to be ready to go play in the snow, so he got her a snowsuit.

doesn't it remind you of ralphie's brother in a christmas story?

hopefully we'll get enough snow to take addison out and play in it. and there will be lots of pictures taken if we do go play in it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wordfull wednesday

i'm jumping on the wordfull wednesday bandwagon :)

--addison has been fussy on and off the past few days. not sure if she's teething or what. she always wants to be held, but as soon as i pick her up, she wants down. she's a confused little girl. i still love her though :) hopefully she'll get over this little fussy spell soon.

--have i told you how much i love designing blogs? well, i installed a blog design today and it's so cute! i really enjoy doing them and talking to different bloggers. so much fun! go check out Life As Eye See It!

--speaking of blog design, i changed b's {blog} boutique a little. you might not notice, but i do! it's just the buttons right under the header and the prices. i think it looks so much cuter, don't you?

--my friend mary was off today so she came over and hung out with me and addison. it was a lot of fun! i'm always just sitting at home by myself, so it was nice to have a friend over. while she was here, we took some pictures of addison's sock monkey. poor sock monkey. we took a few compromising pictures of him. wanna see? check them out here.

--i love making new friends. sometimes i feel like i don't have as many friends as i used to, and it's nice meeting new people. i've really enjoyed the friendships that have come out of my blog, and i can't wait to make even more! valerie is currently my blog bff :)

--we're supposed to get a crazy ice/snow storm in the next few days. i'm not exactly sure if it's going to happen, knowing how accurate the weather-people are. but we'll see. we went to the grocery last night, so we're set if we do get snowed in. and we have a food lion within walking distance, so we can always hike there if necessary!

--my birthday is in 13 days. i will be 21! yay! it's not as exciting as it used to be. my life has really changed, and being able to legally drink isn't really that exciting any more. it's not like i go out a lot. but it'll still be nice if i do want to go out :)

--and my birthday present to myself was a ticket to see john mayer. he comes in 2 weeks, which is the day after my birthday! i'm sooo excited. i went to his concert a few years ago and it was amazing. i just love him!

ride the zebra

as you all know, my mom is the garage/yard sale queen.

she found this zebra thing a while ago for addison. it's so cute! but when she bought it, addison was too small for it.

not any more! we put her on it at my mom's house a few weeks ago and she loved it! my mom brought it over and addison has been playing on it every since!

it's perfect right in front of the tv. she can sit and play and watch her favorite shows all at the same time! {that sounds like a sales pitch, doesn't it?}

she can get off all by herself, but she needs assistance getting on. she's trying though!

my mom finally helped her up. the few times i've been horseback riding, i had a hard time getting on the horse. so i understand how hard it is.

don't forget! gussy's giveaway day is open until 10 p.m. tonight! and the winners will be announced tomorrow morning! good luck :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i won!!

exactly a week ago, i found out i had won a giveaway from a blog i read. i was SO excited.

this is the first time i've won something on a blog. and i found out in between my classes, so it made my day so much better!

i fairly recently started reading jacky's blog, the sweetest petunia. it is so cute! you should check it out :)

she had a giveaway on her blog, and obviously i won! yippee!!

what did i win, you ask??

well, i won sachets from the lavender road. kim, the creator of these super cute sachets, got in contact with me and sent me some!

you know what i love??

getting things in the mail!

so i was extremely happy when chris brought in a package last night when he got home.

and here's what was in it...

let me just tell you. these things smell amazing. ah-may-zing.

i tried to take lots of cute pictures of them. yes, there are 3 :)

so, there's the story of the first time i won something on a blog giveaway!!

i feel so lucky :)

now, if you want a chance to win some amazing things, head on over to gussy's blog and enter her giveaways. there are 12! yes, 12 giveaways. ah-may-zing, again. and there may or may not be a blog design package from yours truly up for grabs :) GO...NOW!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

wagon ride

before i start, i wanted to tell you about something super exciting. gussy is doing a giveaway day today, and i'm giving something away! check it out here, and also check out all the other awesome things she's giving away!

oh, and there's only 6 more days left to get 20% off at b's {blog} boutique! check it out!!


have i shared the story of addison's wagon with you before?

if i have, just skip this. but if you haven't heard the story, read this...

well, it all began a few weeks before addison's 1st birthday. chris and i decided to get addison a wagon for her birthday (my mom helped with the idea). i took addison to target one day to get one, and it wouldn't fit in the shopping cart. so we left wagon-less. chris and i went back together and were able to get it.

fast forward a few weeks to addison's birthday party. if you recall from this post, addison was riding in her wagon on her birthday.

start wagon obsession.

i kept the wagon in our dining room, because it's pretty much our room for stuff that we don't have a home for. addison didn't really know it was in there, but soon discovered it. she would crawl in there almost every day and sit by it because she wanted to go on a ride. since it was cold outside, chris and i would just pull her around the house. and she loved it. she would cry when we took her out. not a good sign.

sometimes, though, i didn't want to take her for a wagon ride. i mean, 3 wagon rides in one day is a little much. don't you think?

well addison didn't think it was too much. she would crawl in there and i would pick her up and take her away from it and she would just cry. and cry and cry and cry.

pitiful addison.

it got to the point that she was just crawling in there constantly. i would pick her up, she would cry, i would put her down in the living room with her toys, and she would just crawl back in the dining room to her wagon.

repeat. repeat. repeat.

one day i decided i had had enough.

addison had crawled in the dining room, i picked her up, she cried, and once she was sitting in the living room, i made a run for it. i ran into the dining room and wheeled the wagon into the garage. it was actually kind of difficult.

and addison followed me the whole way...


poor baby.

but that was it. she would crawl into the dining room looking for it, but it wasn't there. soon, she didn't even look for it.

fast forward to saturday.

my mom came over and it was so nice outside. we decided it would be a great day to take addison for a wagon ride. it would be the first ride she had gone on since i banned the wagon to the garage.

she was so excited when we put her in.

what a happy baby. she enjoyed the whole ride. i mean, who wouldn't enjoy being pulled around in a wagon?

these last 2 pictures were my favorites. but there's a glare/spot on addison's face. don't know how that happened :(

when we took her out, she didn't cry. yay! addison has overcome her wagon obsession.

although we had a great morning on saturday, wagon ride included, addison wasn't so hot that afternoon.

we were all ready to go to my mom's just to hang out and addison broke down. she just cried. i don't know why, but she just wouldn't stop crying. she wanted to be held. she didn't want to be held. she didn't know what she wanted.

so, we just decided to stay home that afternoon.

i tried playing with her but she didn't want that. i finally gave her a teething ring and that made her happy...

...for a while. but then it was back to fussy baby.

i don't think she's teething, but i think the cold teething ring just caught her attention. she decided she wanted to try and walk with her cart while holding her teething ring.
kind of dangerous.

we made it through the fussy phase that day, and she took a nice nap. she woke up a happy baby again.


you know how i said saturday it was really nice? well, it was. it was 58* i think.

and guess what...'s snowing today! weird.

just thought i'd share that!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

the cutest thing EVER!

i have a lot of homework i want to get done today, but i'm going to share this video with you.

the other day i had the ellen degeneres show on while i was doing some homework. i wasn't really watching it, but i would glance and watch a few seconds here and there. i heard her say something about a video of a dog and a deer playing. i had to watch it. it was so cute!

the story behind the deer is that a family found it as a baby and it was malnourished. they bottle fed it and raised it, and once it got big enough, let it out on its own. the deer still comes back and plays with the family's dog and cats. i think deer are so cute, so of course i just loved this video!

enjoy :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

i feel so......loved :)

i got another blog award!!

i always feel so special when i get an award. doesn't everyone feel that way??

i got this award a few days ago, but i'm just now writing about it. i received it from valerie at next to heaven and also from jennifer at living life out loud. thanks girls!!

i'm going to pass this award to a few of the blogs i read.

i would give it to valerie and jennifer, but they already have them! so, here are the people i'm giving it to:

mary at udder butter


mandy at expecting the unexpected

congrats girls!!


i'm really not feeling the love from photobucket, though. i'm not able to upload pictures to photobucket from my desktop computer, and it's quite frustrating!

but i found a solution!

just call me super bailey.

it does work on my laptop, so i just transfer the files there and upload! it's kind of a pain, but i'm just glad i'm able to upload. hopefully it'll be fixed soon!!


today, i've been getting things done, done, done!

so much so that i've not had anything to eat. i've been trying to organize everything and clean. oh ya, and do laundry. and put up laundry. the list never ends.

and i'm starting to get hungry, so i think it may be time for a snack. i don't want to eat a lot cause then i won't be hungry for dinner, and i really want a tater for dinner. yummmmm....

ok. off to have a snack! thanks again valerie and jennifer!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010



i hate snoring.


a few years ago, i went on a trip with my dad to savannah. we were going to be there for a week, and the hotel room had a living room and a bedroom. i didn't even try sleeping in the bedroom because i knew my dad would snore all night long. my bed was the fold out couch.

that's how much i can't stand snoring.

i flew down to florida with my dad 2 years ago for the weekend. he had to go for work for the whole week, and he told me i could go with him for the weekend, so we flew down together and i flew back by myself. it was january, so of course i wanted to go! it was cold here, and warm in florida. duh! who wouldn't want to go? well, he snored extremely loud and i tried sleeping everywhere. i tried sleeping in the bathtub (which i had tried a previous time on a trip with him) and i think i ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. i was actually tempted to go sleep in the hall or on one of the couches in the lobby. but it was a really nice hotel and i think that would have been frowned upon.

that's how much i hate snoring!!

chris snores, but not as bad as my dad. i can tell him he's snoring and he won't start again for a while, which gives me plenty of time to fall asleep. once i'm asleep, i don't care if he snores. it's just the falling asleep part that i care about.

ear plugs don't work. i have to have a box fan going for me to fall asleep. i just have to have that constant noise. and snoring isn't one of those noises. i think ear plugs actually make it worse. i'll have them in and then i'll be listening for the snoring. it's really weird.

is snoring genetic?

well, i don't snore, so i didn't get that gene from my dad. but addison has started snoring. maybe she got it from chris.

i really don't think snoring is genetic, but it would be kind of funny if it was.

apparently addison's snoring has been bothering chris. imagine that. it doesn't bother me. i can't even hear it unless i'm in her room. chris uses ear plugs because he can't sleep with noise, and he claims to be able to hear everything. except his snoring, of course.

oh snoring. why must you exist??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a tea party and lots of kisses

addison was in a very playful mood tonight. she walked around the house behind her shopping cart like a big girl. i'm so proud of her! i just know she's going to be walking all by herself soon.

after she was tired from walking, we had a tea party. actually, addison and chris had a tea party and i took the pictures!

addison didn't want to drink out of her teacup, but she did drink out of chris's!

she really wanted a refill. daddy answered the call...

yummmm...this tea is so tasty!!

oh, hell. i'm thirsty. i'll just drink it right out of the teapot...

she got bored with the tea party and moved on to destroying her toy bins. happens every day, all the time...

addison has really started giving kisses. it's so cute. she'll make the kiss noise and she'll actually give kisses. i got a few good pictures of her giving chris kisses.

after chris got a bunch of kisses, i wanted some too. chris isn't as good taking pictures as i am :) and addison was moving a lot, so some are kind of blurry. but i thought they were still really cute!

i love you addison! you're so sweet! even though you don't cuddle any more, you give the best kisses!