Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i spy...

...a baby that doesn't want to take a nap.

if you look closely at some of these pictures. you can see addison's paci on the floor. that's her little trick. sometimes before she goes to sleep, she'll play. and one of the games she'll play is make mommy come give me my paci. i think she's always the winner and i'm always the loser. that's ok though!
i tried to be sneaky and take a few pictures without her noticing. but she did notice. it didn't really matter since i had to go in and give her her paci. sometimes i'll give her her paci and she'll just throw it out again before i get out of the room. like i said, i'm the loser.

once she realized i was taking pictures, she smiled. my little model.

oh, addison. you were rubbing your eyes all morning and fused a lot. i thought you would go to sleep really fast and take a good nap. i guess i was wrong...

since starting this post, i've had to go upstairs 3 times to give addison her paci. one of those times i just threw her paci back in her crib and while she was picking it up to put it in her mouth, i snuck out. i felt really sneaky. but as soon as i got downstairs i heard her crying for it again. the next time i gave her a book, too, thinking she might play with it and then fall asleep.

i don't think that's going to happen.

looks like we'll be playing until lunch time! i'm just glad we are going to lunch with my dad and running a few errands. she likes getting out of the house.

and hopefully she'll take a nice, long afternoon nap.


Valerie said...

What a cute post!! Hopefully she'll take a good afternoon nap!

Mary~J. said...

uh...i love the first pic! LOVE. you are getting sooo good with your camera!