Thursday, January 7, 2010

should i change my major?

maybe i should be a meteorologist. i mean, how hard could it be?

if you know me IRL, you might know that i used to dream of being a weather-girl. that's what i called it. when i was younger, like elementary school younger, i wanted to be a weather-girl.

i was obsessed with the weather. as soon as i got a tv for my room at my dad's house (which was when i was in 1st grade), i would leave the weather channel on all night long. that's what i fell asleep to.

i was deathly afraid of tornadoes. and i still am. i think i wanted to know all about the weather so i wouldn't be scared. or maybe it was because the weather-girls (and guys) were on tv. probably both.

funny story...

when i was obsessed with being a weather-girl, i would play weather-girl. that's normal, right?

well, my dad had a camcorder. this thing was huge. like massive. it had a huge case (seriously, huge. the case was the size of a suitcase).

i would get that thing out (with the help of my dad) and would set it up on the stand. my dad would plug it into the tv and i would play weather-girl.

i also had a big dry-erase board that i would draw the forecasts on. i wish i had pictures. it was really funny.

my friends would play along, too. who doesn't want to be on tv? even if it's only your friend that's watching.

i'm pretty sure that camcorder is long gone. it does hold some fond memories though!!

it always seems that the weather people (what i like to call them) always get made fun of and are given a hard time. their predictions are always off. they say it'll be sunny, and it rains. they say it's going to snow, and it doesn't.

today wasn't that off, though. when i started this post, it hadn't started snowing. but since, it's been snowing some. not the 2-3 inches we were expecting. we probably only got 1/2 an inch (and that's on the deck. the yard has very little snow).

if only i was still in grade school. i would have had a lovely snow day today. (actually, i don't wish i was still in grade school. we get much longer breaks in college!) it always seems like the school boards freak out when there's a chance of snow. they always wait until late at night to make a decision, but it's usually always to close schools. ahhhh!! snow!!! what will we do?? i remember many times when i was out of school for a snow day and it never actually snowed. did i complain? no.

oh, and don't worry. i'm not planning on changing my major :) although i do think i'd make a great weather-girl!


Valerie said...

haha! That's so cute! Too bad you don't have pictures. What is your major by the way?

bailey said...

i know! i wish i had pictures. or a video. that would be even funnier. my major is accounting.

June said...

So, funny story...I always wanted to be a weather girl too! I can honestly say that The Weather Channel is one of my favorite channels. Nerd, I know. We did a current events group project in 6th grade and I made sure I was the weather girl for it! :o) I bet the video of that is still around somewhere...

bailey said...

June - that is so funny! i don't really watch the weather channel as much as i used to, but i do look at the website quite often. you need to find that video and post it!