Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tv shows and movies

i'm the kind of person that watches the same shows every week. i have my list of shows and stick to them. i remember watching gilmore girls and 7th heaven every week with my mom. i guess that's when it started.

so, i bet you're wondering which shows i watch. well, even if you weren't wondering, i'm going to tell you anyway :)


last season was the first season i watched the biggest loser. i'm totally addicted. we watched every episode last season and we have watched the first 2 episodes this season. i'm so excited! i love watching the contestants transform and i get kind of emotional. it's kind of weird. but i like it!


ahhh. i love glee! i love love love singing! the sound of music is one of my favorite movies and glee is like the sound of music, but a show! and it's new and funny. i love it!


last season, i only wanted to watch the first part of american idol. it was very entertaining. seeing all of the bad singers just made me laugh. and then the few good ones made it even better. but we kept watching it last season and ended up watching every episode. and the new season just started tonight, and it was hilarious! can't wait for tomorrow night!


oh, drama drama drama. there has to be a show with a lot of drama! and the real housewives is that show. i started watching orange county first, then new jersey. i don't really like new york or atlanta, though. new jersey is just funny. they are pretty crazy and the show is full of drama. and i like watching drama!

there are also a few movies i really want to see. i'm not sure if i'll actually go see them in the theatre, but i'll definitely watch them when they come out on dvd.


i saw a preview for dear john when i saw new moon at midnight. then i found out it was a book, and chris got me the book for christmas. it looks really good, and i've read 2 nicholas sparks books before. i really loved them, and the movies that were made based on those books. so i need to get reading because the movie comes out on february 5th!

i randomly watched oprah one day and most of the actors from the movie nine were on the show. i didn't know anything about the movie, and i decided to watch the show. i really want to see this movie! i loved moulin rouge, and nicole kidman is in nine too. like i said earlier, i love movies and shows with singing. and this movie has the singing. can't wait to see it!

i think this is the movie i'm looking forward to most. there are SO many people in this movie! it's crazy. it comes out february 12th, and i think i'll go that day! i've seen 4 previews just today and it looks so good!

so, that's my breakdown of shows and movies!

what are some of your favorite shows? are there any movies you can't wait to see?


Valerie said...

Love Glee and American Idol. I really want to see all those movies you listed!!

bailey said...

american idol was so funny last night! and i'm looking forward to valentine's day the most. it looks so good!!