Saturday, January 9, 2010

snow day!!

it wasn't actually a snow day. or what i consider a snow day. a snow day to me is not having to go to school. and today is saturday, so there wasn't school to begin with.

all the kids in our area got a 4 day weekend. lucky! hopefully it'll snow some after i start classes, and i'll have some snow days :)

we didn't take addison out to play in snow this time. she isn't walking, and she would just sit in it and get all wet. and we didn't really have enough to play in. if the snow actually starts to stick and we get more, we'll take her to play in it. chris is off tomorrow, so we can have a fun snow play day!

it has been snowing all day. i was really surprised. i thought it was only going to snow yesterday. but none of it has been sticking, so it hasn't done much.

i ventured out of the house today. not far. just on the front porch. and i was still in my pjs. and i was barefoot. maybe not the best idea. but i really wanted to get some pictures of the snow. i had taken a few with my phone, but i wanted some with the good camera. so here they are!

this is our tree out front. it split soon after we moved into our house and half of it fell on our neighbors fence. it didn't do much damage. we were very lucky. so this is just the half of the tree that's still there...

this is just the rest of our front yard and some of the driveway. chris actually had to be at work really early this morning, and he left while it was still dark. i was worried about the road conditions, but he said it was fine. our street doesn't get much traffic, and the snow stayed. there was in ice patch towards the end of our street, and yesterday i saw a car hit that spot and lose control. they were able to gain control back and were fine. i'm glad i saw that, though, because i was about to leave to go to my mom's. so i pretty much just coasted down our street. better safe than sorry!

here you can really see the split tree. and some of chris's georgia flag at the top, if you look close...

and here's our backyard. tybee goes pretty crazy in the snow. he had to get in the picture. he was in mid sprint, if you can't tell...

and the side view...

tomorrow morning addison and i are going to breakfast at my grandmother's. hopefully the roads will be ok. i'm ok driving on the interstate because it's cleared up. but getting to the interstate kind of scares me. i'm sure it'll be fine!

check back tomorrow for some possible addison in the snow pictures!

hope everyone is staying warm!