Tuesday, January 5, 2010

an interesting morning and my first (2) awards

this morning i woke up like usual (glad it's usual. would be bad if i didn't wake up).

got addison up, like usual.

she apparently held all of her pee in all day yesterday and peed all night. i know you were wondering. but she peed thru her diaper and her pjs and onto the little pad on her bed and on the sheets. goodness!

so, i took her nasty pjs off and took the sheets off her bed. i figured, since she gets so messy when she eats, that i would just feed her breakfast in her diaper. i've done it a few times before, and it wasn't bad.

well, i guess i learned my lesson.

i figured, since she was pretty much naked, i would give her peaches. she loves peaches (and mandarin oranges. but about that another time). it would be easy to clean up since she wouldn't have sticky clothes.

well, she ended up with a sticky body. and i mean sticky.

she had a cheerio stuck to her chin. see...

so i decided i would just give her a bath. there was no way i would get all the stickiness off using just baby wipes.

(both of the pictures were taken with my phone. just making an excuse for why they aren't that good)

she was kind of confused, because she only gets baths at night. but she still played. i think she thought it was bed time after her bath (because that's how we do it at night), so she was kind of fussy until nap time.

so, next time, i'll choose sticky clothes over a sticky baby. clothes can be changed easily.

i'm hoping not to have a repeat of this morning any time soon. it wasn't bad, i would just rather play with addison until she naps than give her a bath and have a fussy baby.

today i was also given my first 2 awards! woo hoo! i'm so excited to get an award. i received them from valerie at next to heaven. i recently gave her blog a makeover. you should check it out! and you should also check out the giveaway on her blog...hint, hint. you could win a $20 store credit at b's {blog} boutique!

so, for the awards...

i received the stunning award...


...and the chic award!


thanks valerie!

i'd like to give these awards to a few of the blogs i read...

mary at udder butter. she's one of my IRL friends. she just started blogging, and i just gave her blog a makeover. it's really funny and cute! you should check it out!

jennifer at living life out loud. i found her blog one day when i was just clicking and clicking. and i really love reading about her little girl, kaegan. she's so cute! and jennifer also posts some really cute fashion finds, too!

mandy at expecting the unexpected. she's also one of my IRL friends. she just starting blogging recently as well. and i just designed her blog, too! check it out!


Valerie said...

Congrats on your blog awards!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for blog awards!! Thanks for passing them to me!! :) Cant wait for you to do my blog....just a few more weeks!!
P.S. I LOVE LOVE that second picture of Addison, sweet girl.