Friday, January 15, 2010

pajama baby

yesterday addison stayed in her pajamas most of the day. i wish i could have done the same.

classes started yesterday. lucky for me, i only had one class. and the good thing about tuesday & thursday classes is that i always have a 4 day weekend.

i got home and addison was still napping, so i had time to get a few things done. i started doing some homework, too. yes, homework on the first day. yay! not.

after addison had lunch, we played for a while. i thought she looked so cute in her pjs so i took some pictures too.

she likes playing with mommy's phone. she especially likes it when my phone is playing music. she started dancing and it was so cute! i think she should be in some iPhone commercial.

i just loved her face in this picture. she was coming after me and the camera, and she just looked mischievous. it made me laugh.

this picture is kind of blurry, but i thought she looked so cute.

i tried to brighten up this picture, but it's still kind of dark. addison was making the funniest face.
i think i have the happiest baby ever. and the cutest :)

i'm glad my weekend has already started. i'm still in my pjs now, but i'll be getting up soon to go run some errands. and i have some more homework to do. i have a feeling i'll be very busy this semester.

tomorrow i'm going to a baby shower. i'm so excited! that's one of the things i have to do today...get a baby shower gift!

oh, and it's warmed up. finally. high of 54* today, and it's supposed to stay around that for all of next week. hopefully it actually will!!


Valerie said...

She is so cute! You really have a beautiful baby!! Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Good luck with your semester.