Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wordfull wednesday

i'm jumping on the wordfull wednesday bandwagon :)

--addison has been fussy on and off the past few days. not sure if she's teething or what. she always wants to be held, but as soon as i pick her up, she wants down. she's a confused little girl. i still love her though :) hopefully she'll get over this little fussy spell soon.

--have i told you how much i love designing blogs? well, i installed a blog design today and it's so cute! i really enjoy doing them and talking to different bloggers. so much fun! go check out Life As Eye See It!

--speaking of blog design, i changed b's {blog} boutique a little. you might not notice, but i do! it's just the buttons right under the header and the prices. i think it looks so much cuter, don't you?

--my friend mary was off today so she came over and hung out with me and addison. it was a lot of fun! i'm always just sitting at home by myself, so it was nice to have a friend over. while she was here, we took some pictures of addison's sock monkey. poor sock monkey. we took a few compromising pictures of him. wanna see? check them out here.

--i love making new friends. sometimes i feel like i don't have as many friends as i used to, and it's nice meeting new people. i've really enjoyed the friendships that have come out of my blog, and i can't wait to make even more! valerie is currently my blog bff :)

--we're supposed to get a crazy ice/snow storm in the next few days. i'm not exactly sure if it's going to happen, knowing how accurate the weather-people are. but we'll see. we went to the grocery last night, so we're set if we do get snowed in. and we have a food lion within walking distance, so we can always hike there if necessary!

--my birthday is in 13 days. i will be 21! yay! it's not as exciting as it used to be. my life has really changed, and being able to legally drink isn't really that exciting any more. it's not like i go out a lot. but it'll still be nice if i do want to go out :)

--and my birthday present to myself was a ticket to see john mayer. he comes in 2 weeks, which is the day after my birthday! i'm sooo excited. i went to his concert a few years ago and it was amazing. i just love him!


Eyegirl said...

I love my blog! Thank you so much. I noticed the change on your business blog and I liked it a lot! I suppose I can share Valerie with you since she's my BBF, too. :)

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Well, happy {almost} birthday to you! That's pretty exciting. Birthday are always a really special time to me, especially since I have to share mine with Christmas day! ;)

Thanks for coming over on The Sweetest Petunia. Have a great Thursday, and I will see ya soon!

Valerie said...

You are awesome at designing blogs! Fantastic actually :)

You and Eyegirl are my blog bffs :) I had fun texting last night - I'll have to watch that show next week!

Yay for 21~it's just nice to be legal. I partied a lot in high school so by the time I got to college it was no big deal. My 21st birthday I got well drunk and made a fool of myself, but it was fun. The nice thing is being able to get a drink while you're out or buy a bottle of wine and sit at the house. Enjoy being 21 girl :)

Haley said...

love the new blog design at lifeaseyeseeit and your business blog! and happy early birthday! life at 21 isn't much different. however I can say that now when I go to a gas station I can look at the beer section without feeling like I'm going to get arrested haha :) and plus knowingthat ur free to do as u please and drink that margarita at that favorite Mexican restaurant and have a glass of wine with ur dinner at olive garden is always nice hehe :)