Thursday, January 31, 2013


the past 2 weeks haven't been too eventful. it was cold. and then warm. and then there were tornadoes. and now it's cold again.

a few other things that have happened...

i've had my car since i was 16 {which will be 8 years in march}. it had about 8,000 miles when i got it. and it hit 100,000 miles the other day. it's hard to believe i've had it that long and put so many miles on it! it made me kind of sad. like something close to me is getting old. so sentimental.

addison had her first starbucks hot chocolate at target. and she loved it. although she only drank about half, so i know not to waste my money on it. but she does like hot chocolate!

we went through the carwash which addison always loves. she is especially obsessed with the rainbow suds.

and, with it being a little warmer, we were able to go by the park and play. we both had a lot of fun!

we also ran a race at the zoo and went to the circus last weekend, but those will be separate posts :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

mommy/daughter date night

a couple weeks ago, addison and i had a mommy/daughter date night.

it started with going to best buy to look at radios for my car. i haven't had a working cd player in 5 years, so it was a little overdo for a new one. my dad found one that actually doesn't have a cd player but has a usb hookup for my phone so it'll play and charge it. and it has bluetooth. so i went with that. and i LOVE it!

ok, so on to our date night.

addison went to best buy with my dad recently and she played the drums. so we did that after looking at radios. and she jammed out.

i may or may not have jammed out too. the drums are pretty cool!

after best buy, we headed to toysrus. my favorite store! joking. addison has a ton of gift cards and has been wanting a barbie movie, so i figured we could check there. she picked out two barbie movies. the princess and the popstar {which we've watch about 12312135234123 times} and a mermaid tale.

we finished the night with panera. whenever i ask addison what she wants for dinner, pretty much 99% of the time she requests panera mac and cheese. she's kinda in love with it.

she always gets the special cookies, and they just brought out the valentine's ones. so cute! and she was a little piggy and ate the whole thing. she didn't want to share, but i was able to steal a bite or two.

i love our little date nights. i'm looking forward to the many to come!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what do you think?

despite her blonde hair and blue eyes, i still think she looks a little like me.

what do you think?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


school starts back today.

and i'm working more.

and i started becker.

so it's going to be back to lots of sporadic, random posts.

now to some randoms from the past week and a half.

my mom's birthday is 2 days after christmas. she wanted to go to opryland with addison to see the lights, so we went! addison {and my mom and i} had a blast! we ate at chuy's after, which is alway delicious. and then addison got sick with a stomach bug to top the evening off. joy! but it did result in lots of cuddles. which i always eat up.

addison got a package the next morning. getting things in the mail always excites her. i can't lie, i'm the same way. some friends sent her a georgia bulldogs blanket for christmas {her dad and a lot of his friends are huge bulldogs fans}. she absolutely loves it, and it's SO cute.

unfortunately, i got addison's stomach bug the night before new year's eve. so new year's eve was spent sleeping/recovering. i stayed home with addison and my mom for new years and we watched princess movies and made crowns. and we all made it to midnight {i promptly went to bed as soon as the clock struck 12}.

i'm always amazed at how grown up addison looks. some days she can seem like the little girl that she is, but other days i feel like she's a teenager. i'm so not ready for her to grown up!

to end the week, my mom and i hit up a yard sale. i was a little weary of it at first. when we got there, it looked like a rundown, cluttered garage. but after digging through all they had, i wanted to buy the whole thing. and i made a new feline friend. we spent almost an hour there picking out things. i wish i had gotten more. my mom is training me right!!

now it's time for me to get back in the grind. addison, school, study, work. and repeat.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas 2012

i can't believe christmas has already come and gone. and so has another year. time just flies.

christmas this year was super fun. addison really got into christmas and santa and all holiday things.

i was told {by addison's dad} not to go as overboard as i did the last couple of years. i went really overboard 2 years ago, and toned it down a little last year. so i was going in the right direction, right?

this year i think i did better. addison got a BIG toy from santa and then some smaller things. but she did comment that she got too many gifts. point taken.

christmas eve was spent at my dad and step mom's with her family. she has a big family and it's always fun when everyone gets together. addison has 3 little boys around her age to play with, so it's nice that they can do their own thing without needing any grownups {most of the time}.

we didn't get home until about 11:30 that night and addison probably didn't go to bed until around midnight. so needless to say, she was a little tired when she was woken up. and santa i was a little tired too since i had to stay up even later.

addison's big present from santa was a barbie princess castle. my mom and i put it together the weekend before christmas and hid it under a sheet in the dining room and addison never noticed. she loves it! although there are some things that i wish i could change about it. like why would they make a bed that doesn't even fit in the bedroom?? oh well.

santa also brought a princess castle tent. it's collapsable and is super cute. addison has been hanging out in it and reading books.

addison's stocking was filled with all things princess. and candy, of course.

she had a bunch of presents to unwrap too. all from me and her dad and gigi. she asked why santa didn't wrap any presents. guess he'll need to next year.

other things addison got from us and family included: lots of spinny dresses and clothes, pink fringe boots, lalaloopsy headphones, books, playdoh, princess barbies, adorable cheetah print toms, a fijit {which i may end up regretting}, games, books, and more. the child isn't spoiled at all {i can't speak much, though}.

i may love hello kitty a little. santa brought me a hello kitty tervis tumbler {we're kind of obsessed with tervis tumblers}. and addison {aka gigi} got chris and i an ornament {which i'm using as a keychain} that says "i love you to the moon & back". addison says that to us all the time. so sweet!

i also got clothes, a new michael kors purse and wallet {which i'm in love with}, fringe boots {to match addison}, and lots more. guess i'm kinda spoiled like her.

hope everyone had a fabulous christmas and a great start to the new year!