Tuesday, January 8, 2013


school starts back today.

and i'm working more.

and i started becker.

so it's going to be back to lots of sporadic, random posts.

now to some randoms from the past week and a half.

my mom's birthday is 2 days after christmas. she wanted to go to opryland with addison to see the lights, so we went! addison {and my mom and i} had a blast! we ate at chuy's after, which is alway delicious. and then addison got sick with a stomach bug to top the evening off. joy! but it did result in lots of cuddles. which i always eat up.

addison got a package the next morning. getting things in the mail always excites her. i can't lie, i'm the same way. some friends sent her a georgia bulldogs blanket for christmas {her dad and a lot of his friends are huge bulldogs fans}. she absolutely loves it, and it's SO cute.

unfortunately, i got addison's stomach bug the night before new year's eve. so new year's eve was spent sleeping/recovering. i stayed home with addison and my mom for new years and we watched princess movies and made crowns. and we all made it to midnight {i promptly went to bed as soon as the clock struck 12}.

i'm always amazed at how grown up addison looks. some days she can seem like the little girl that she is, but other days i feel like she's a teenager. i'm so not ready for her to grown up!

to end the week, my mom and i hit up a yard sale. i was a little weary of it at first. when we got there, it looked like a rundown, cluttered garage. but after digging through all they had, i wanted to buy the whole thing. and i made a new feline friend. we spent almost an hour there picking out things. i wish i had gotten more. my mom is training me right!!

now it's time for me to get back in the grind. addison, school, study, work. and repeat.