Thursday, January 31, 2013


the past 2 weeks haven't been too eventful. it was cold. and then warm. and then there were tornadoes. and now it's cold again.

a few other things that have happened...

i've had my car since i was 16 {which will be 8 years in march}. it had about 8,000 miles when i got it. and it hit 100,000 miles the other day. it's hard to believe i've had it that long and put so many miles on it! it made me kind of sad. like something close to me is getting old. so sentimental.

addison had her first starbucks hot chocolate at target. and she loved it. although she only drank about half, so i know not to waste my money on it. but she does like hot chocolate!

we went through the carwash which addison always loves. she is especially obsessed with the rainbow suds.

and, with it being a little warmer, we were able to go by the park and play. we both had a lot of fun!

we also ran a race at the zoo and went to the circus last weekend, but those will be separate posts :)