Tuesday, September 20, 2011

beach ride

my mom got addison a jeep at a yard sale a few months ago.

for some reason, she calls it her beach. i guess jeep and beach do kind of sound the same, but not really. we correct her and she'll say jeep, but she always goes back to beach at some point.

she rode it a few times, but since it was so hot this summer she didn't get to ride it that much.

she got to take it out the other day since it was really nice. my friends maegen and haley came over to play, so they got to go too!

i'll go ahead and say that addison is a horrible driver. she hasn't grasped the concept of steering. hopefully she'll catch on soon. we've been working on it, but it hasn't been very successful.

she got tired of driving her beach when we were almost home, so i just drove it home. it wasn't the most comfortable ride, and i'm sure i looked like a fool. like i care. it was better than having to push it home.

hopefully we can work on the whole steering thing and she can ride it a whole lot more. i didn't know i'd have to teach my almost 3 year old how to drive.

Monday, September 19, 2011

visiting rio

addison went to the zoo last week...twice.

her daddy took her on tuesday and i took her on friday.

this kid knows her way around the zoo. she should be a tour guide there.

but seriously.

anywho, we met mary and gavin there and we brought addison's wagon. she's really wanted to take it to the zoo, but we just never have. until friday!

it was really nice outside. and it wasn't too crowded. it's definitely better when all the kiddos are back in school.

when addison went with her daddy on tuesday, they rode the train. she really wanted to ride the carousel, but her daddy gets a little dizzy, so they couldn't. that was the first thing we did when we got to the zoo...

after saying hi to rio on the way in, of course. addison loves that movie. i still have yet to see it. there are 3 blue birds right when you walk in the zoo, and i guess they look like rio. so addison has to say hi to them on the way in and bye on the way out.

addison wanted to ride the giraffe on the carousel. she was all excited until she started walking up to it. i think she had second thoughts, but i was able to get her up on her giraffe and she did great! she didn't want to let go of my hand at first, but she did eventually. such the big girl!

she loved riding in her wagon.

i think she loved it even more because gavin was in there with her.

we tried to take some pictures but none of them turned out great. either addison wasn't smiling or i was making a funny face. so this pretty much sums up our attempt.

addison also loved tickling gavin. she would reach over and tickle his belly. i don't think it really tickled him, but she thought it did and she would always laugh.

goodness he is so cute. i can't believe how big he's gotten.

and momma mary. i love these 2!!

it was definitely a successful trip to the zoo. hopefully we'll be able to go back a few more times before it gets too cold to go. we've definitely gotten our moneys worth out of our membership!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


well, i've been busy doing school stuff since i started back 2 weeks ago. joy. it hasn't seemed like that much, but it's definitely kept me busy. since i haven't had much time for blogging, i figured i'd take a minute and share a few pics from the past few days...
addison cuddled with her baby. she likes to put her baby to bed the same way she is put to bed. it's really funny how she picks up on that and repeats it with her baby. we went to a labor day cookout monday with my step-mom's family. it went from being hot on sunday to being chilly on monday. it was a pretty big temperature shock for me. luckily addison's jeans from last year still fit {expect that they are a little too short}. i love her shirt. i got it a little while ago but it was always too hot for her to wear it. i wish it came in my size. along with the chilly temperatures came rain. lots of rain. it rained most of the day sunday, all day monday, and all day yesterday. so i got to bust out my rain boots. yay! i wore them monday night when my mom and i ran errands, and i definitely jumped in a few puddles. i wore them to class yesterday too because i wasn't sure if i was going to have to walk {depending on parking}. and i'm glad i did. i took a picture in the bathroom at school to send jenna what i was wearing on the nasty, chilly day. i know, i'm weird. oh, and i just had to share a few of daniel tosh's tweets. i took a screen shot of my phone to send to my dad because i thought he would enjoy them. i like the notre dame one the most because i know how much my dad hates notre dame. and that was my randomness over the last few days!