Friday, October 30, 2009

show us your life - halloween!

my own little skunk....
isn't she cute??
well, i know my mom has pictures of me from, but i don't have a scanner, so i can't share those. so sad. i do remember some of the pictures though. and i must say, i was pretty cute all dressed up when i was little.

wednesday, chris took addison to clarksville while i was at school. his grandma made addison a skunk costume! wasn't that sweet? and it's so cute! i was very impressed.
of course, we had to take a bunch of pictures of her in it. she was kind of confused.

her little paw. so cute!!

the costume is made out of fleece (or fleece-like material) so it's slippery on the wood floor. addison would try to crawl and would just slide all over the place. it was pretty funny watching her.

when she finally crawled, which of course was a struggle, she really looked like a skunk. it was so funny. chris's grandma really did a good job making it!

i'm actually surprised she stayed in it that long. i guess she doesn't mind being a skunk :)

i think addison's trying to say "you'll pay for this"

and of course, we had to get pictures of our skunk with us. she's just so cute!!

that night, we finally went and got pumpkins. and there were virtually none left! i was actually surprised. i figured today and saturday would be the big days for people to swarm to get pumpkins. i guess i was wrong. none the less, we got a pumpkin. actually 3. we got one pumpkin for me to carve, then 2 little ones for me to maybe paint. i'll get on that tomorrow! and maybe i'll put some picture of those up in my halloween spirit :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

sips n strokes

so, if any of you didn't know, i am slightly obsessed with twilight. i read all of the books in just a few days. the author, Stephanie Meyer, had some chapters that didn't make it in the books on her website, which i, of course, read too. AND she started writing a book from edward's perspective (twilight is from bella's perspective) that ended up being leaked out. she didn't want to finish it, but put it online for others to read. i read all 200 something pages of it, and it isn't even halfway done! i really want her to finish that book.

i got a few of my friends hooked on twilight. my friend mary, who i got hooked on twilight, found a class at sips n strokes where we painted something from twilight. so she signed us up and we went! i had never been before, and i didn't really know what to expect. everyone i went with had been there before, so they kind of filled me in. it was only $25 and we got to take our paintings home that night!

i'm not going to lie. i'm not an artist....

we started with a white canvas and had to paint it all black. then we put a little red where we wanted...

mary was sitting right across from me, so i got a lot of picture of her :)

we had to draw the stem of the flower, and then draw the flower. i drew mine, then wanted it to be bigger. so that's kind of why it looks weird. yes, i'm making up excuses as to why mine looks bad...

and the finished product! i sat there and kept adding to it. i didn't think it looked very good, especially compared to the teacher's. but now that i haven't been staring it for 2 hours, i don't think it looks too bad.

i'm proudly displaying my work of art :) and hopefully i'll go back soon to do more! i'll make sure to chose something that looks a little easier.

here's our group, minus one. she had to leave right after we finished. from left to right, melissa, me, mary, and sarah. and we all love twlight!!

oh, and they had a class where they painted a picture of edward from twilight. i laughed.

i told chris we were going to hang the picture above our bed. i was just kidding though. he hates twilight. but our bathroom is red, so i think i might hang it in there. and chris doesn't mind that either.

i can't wait to go back. i think my mom and i are going to try to go sometime. it's a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

first tooth

well, i'll go ahead and start the story with the night before she got her tooth. i swear, i thought she was teething since she was 4 months old. and she just now getting her first tooth at 11 months!

anywho, sunday night, addison was chewing on everything. chris and i both felt around in her mouth, and we it felt like her tooth was right there. but we look and it hadn't cut. she was chewing on her book for a long time before she went to bed. it was really funny. i tried to read to her, and she liked it. but she was more concerned as to how she would get that book out of my hands and in her mouth.
here she is figuring out how to actually crawl. what she does now is more of sliding across the wood floor. but she's on her knees here and crawling! she's not very good at it yet.
so, monday when i got home from school, i decided to look in addison's mouth to see if she had a tooth. and she did! i tried to take a picture, but she hates when you try to get in her mouth. unless there's food involved, it's not cool. but after she woke up from her nap, i was able to snap this picture. you can see her first tooth, and it looks like another one's coming in! she's such the big girl!

Monday, October 26, 2009

under construction

as you can see, my blog is a little bare. i'm trying to figure out this whole blog design thing myself and redo my blog! hopefully i'll be able to figure it out this week and have a whole new blog by the weekend. we'll see! and if i get good at it, i might start doing it on the side :)

addison cut her first tooth last night/today. i'll write about that tomorrow.

wish me luck in my blog designing!

Not Me! Monday

this week i decided to participate in MckMama's Not Me! Monday. it's the blog carnival that showcases what we did do, err didn't do, but are ok with admitting.

while in the kitchen, i did not spill some water on the kitchen floor. oops! usually, i would just grab a paper towel and clean it up. but this time, i was wearing socks, and i did not just run my foot over the water and let my sock soak up the water. i would never do such a thing. especially since there are paper towels right beside me. never!

i did not hit the snooze button on my alarm multiple times this morning. i would never try to squeeze in 15 extra minutes of sleep, even though i knew would be rushed getting ready and getting to school on time. i love my sleep!

on the days i didn't have class, i most certainly did not use my child as an alarm clock. and if she woke up earlier than i wanted to, i would definitely not get out of bed, give her some toys and her paci, and go back to bed. i mean, isn't that a lot of work to just get more sleep? i would never do a thing like that!

while changing addison's poopy diaper, one of her little nuggets (that's what chris and i call her little poops) did not fall on my foot. when noticing said nugget on my foot, i most certainly did not scream and kick my foot to get it off. i would never kick a nugget on the carpet just to get it off of my foot. ewww!

today, i most certainly did not shove my finger (yes it was clean) in addison's mouth so i could see if she was getting any teeth. i would never do such a thing, knowing it makes me mad. but she did get her first tooth! more on that later...

well, i think that's it for things i did not do this past week. or at least the things i'm willing to admit. now hop on over to MckMama's blog and check out what other people aren't doing :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

weekend plans

while i sit here typing this, i'm wishing i was in bed (or on the couch) napping. but that's not going to happen. i feel like napping is a waste of my time. i don't get anything done, and i usually wake up cranky.

i feel like i've gotten a lot done today. i've cleaned, done laundry, and finished some homework. i still have more laundry to do, but i think it's going to get done either tonight or tomorrow. i took addison over to my mom's house earlier. i went because i figured out a way to get the music from my mom's iTunes on her computer to my iTunes on my laptop. then i'll be able to transfer it from my laptop to my desktop at home. so i'll have all my music again. yay!

i left addison at my mom's to nap, and came home to get a few things done. i haven't really been that successful. i get distracted easier. no, i don't have ADD. i just find things around the house on the computer to do. facebook is quite distracting. but blogger, i have to say, you're very distracting. i just click and click and click and find 100 new blogs to read. and i've been looking at blog designs and really want to get mine done. but i don't think i will just yet. maybe next year. hopefully i'll have some more readers by them....or maybe i'll teach myself how and i'll be able to do it for free!

tomorrow, i'm going to my grandmother's with my dad and addison. she had surgery thursday on her shoulder. we're taking her breakfast, which we did last sunday as well. addison likes being able to play there instead of having to sit in a highchair. she's all over the place.

we never got around to taking addison to a pumpkin patch last week. i really wanted to go to Honeysuckle Hill Farm, but i don't think we'll get to this year. chris is off wednesday, so we'll probably just take her to the place over by my mom's house and get a few pumpkins. i'll try to take pictures there though.

well, time for me to go pick up my little stinker. she should be waking up soon, and my mom has stuff for a bottle, but no food. and i don't think addison would be very happy if she didn't get to eat!

Friday, October 23, 2009

ugg baby

i don't think i've every expressed my love for uggs in a blog before. let me do it now.

i. love. uggs.

no matter how many people tell me they think they're ugly, i just love them. they are so comfortable. ahhh. just thinking about them makes me happy. i got my first real pair a few years ago, and i have 2 pairs now. chris got me my second pair 2 years ago, but i don't ever wear those. i don't like them. they're the really short ones, and i regret getting them. but the ones that i wear all the time are the medium height ones, and they're amazing.

they are really old and kind of dirty, so i'm thinking about asking for a new pair for christmas. i just love putting my feet into a new pair. they're so fluffy.

when i found out i was having a girl, i knew i wanted her to have uggs. i told chris, and he was just like whatever. but my mom surprised me and got her a pair! they are so cute. they're pink :) she got them off ebay, so they were cheaper than new ones. but i don't think a baby can tell the difference between new and used uggs.

this is addison only a few weeks old in her uggs....

this is addison now in her uggs. she doesn't really know what to think of them. but i think they look so cute! she wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good picture. she is an explorer full time now.

and here's mommy and daughter uggs :)

and they're off. addison would try kicking them off, so after we were done taking pictures, i just took them off. and she started chewing on whatever she could find.

if you live somewhere that has cold winters, i highly suggest you get a pair of uggs. they keep your feet so warm. and even though they may not be the cutest shoes (i still think they are), warm feet win!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

addison went to the zoo for the first time on tuesday! there were lions and tigers, but no bears. so sad. chris and my mom were both off that day, and we wanted to find something to do. so we decided to go to the zoo. it got warm(er) than it had been the past few days, and it was perfect. it wasn't very crowded since it was a week day. i was scared some school would be there and there would be a ton of crazy little kids running around. but there weren't. yay!

addison really enjoyed it. she didn't really like being in her stroller. she wanted to be held. so chris and i would take her out some and let her look around.
the first animals we saw (aside from the birds pictured above) were the monkeys. they weren't very chatty that day. they were just hanging out. when chris and i went to the zoo a little over a year ago with his parents, the monkeys were going crazy. they were so loud. we could hear them on the other side of the zoo. i guess they were having a heated conversation then.

next were the meerkats. they are so cute! they just stood there so still. addison was quite fascinated.

she loved the meerkats. she didn't want to leave. we ended up stopping there another time, which made her really happy.

they had this little bubble you could get in and be inside the meerkat area. you had to crawl under, like on your hands and knees, to get there. i was going to take addison there, but it was crowded the first time we passed it. but on our way out it was empty. so i crawled under and chris passed addison to me. she loved it!

addison liked standing up and putting her hands on the glass. i think she felt close to the animals that way. and she didn't have to be held or in her stroller. she would just stand and hit her hands against the glass. it was funny.

they had a petting zoo, which i was hesitant to take addison to. i thought the animals were walking around, but they weren't. so we left the stroller outside and we all went in. all of the animals were so cute! there were 2 camels, a donkey, and a bunch of goats. i love the baby goats. they were so cute! they also had an owl and some baby tigers (i think that's what they were).

she would wave at the animals. it was so cute! she waved at that little guy, and he was just looking at her like what are you doing. it was pretty funny.

addison liked looking at the zebras. they were kind of hard to see, though, because they were really far away.

the last animals we saw were the giraffes and the elephants. i'm just amazed by them. they are so huge! i really wish one of the elephants had been in the water. that would have been pretty cool. i think there was a mom and baby giraffe, because one kept following the other.

it was a very successful trip to the zoo. addison did great, and we had a lot of fun. i can't wait to take her back every year, and see her really react to all the animals.