Saturday, October 17, 2009

bad habits start early

just the other day, addison started picking her nose. yes, picking her nose. i don't think she's actually picking anything in there, but she's discovered her nostrils.

the funny thing is, whenever she sticks her finger in her nose, she puts it in her mouth right after.

gross! i just laugh every time she does it. i try to pull her hand out of her nose every time she sticks it up there and say no, but she doesn't care. she just keeps doing it.

then, chris had his foot close to addison, and she decided to bite his big toe. now that's just nasty. but chris let her do it, and i took some pictures. she didn't seem to disgusted.

today, our plans kind of changed. our friends, mary and travis, had tickets to the georgia vandy game. mary thought we were going and that's one of the reasons she wanted to go. so last night, she offered to give chris her ticket since he's a bigger fan. chris felt bad for taking her ticket, but she said she didn't care and would rather him go. so he went, which is good. it's his day off, and i was going to do stuff around the house anyway.

so, pumpkin patch has been put off until either tuesday or wednesday. we'll see. but now that chris is gone, mary is coming over to hang out with me and addison. we are going to make pumpkin brownies. my cousin found the recipe from Picky Palate, and brought me some the other day when she came to visit. they were really good, so i'm going to try to make them! the recipe calls for brownie mix from a box, but i have a homemade brownie recipe that i use and i'm just going to use that. i'll post how to make them tonight or tomorrow...if they turn out ok. it will be a good fall dessert.

oh, and tonight we got tickets to go see Dane Cook! i really wanted to go see Kings of Leon last night, but i didn't buy tickets when they came out. i looked to get tickets off craigslist, but people were selling tickets ridiculously expensive. so i couldn't go. but my mom found some Dane Cook tickets today on craigslist on sale and they were selling them for face value, so we're going! i love Dane Cook. i think he's so funny. i can't wait! mary and travis are going, too. so we're going to go out to eat before, and go to it together. we aren't sitting together, but that's ok. it'll still be fun!