Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fantasy football

my dad set up a fantasy football league for the gym we go to. he wasn't planning on having girls in the league, but needed more people. so he was forced to allow girls into the league. and guess who is the only one who is undefeated??

that's right. me. my team's name is bailey's bitches. i thought it was pretty appropriate. there have only been 4 games, but still. i'm doing better than anyone else.

i'm no football fanatic, but i watch my fair share of games. i watch both college and NFL games, but i like doing stuff on saturdays, so i don't actually watch the games. i just have them on in the background so it's not silent. i love laying around on sunday and watching football though. it's quite relaxing. and when it gets colder, it'll be so much better.

i don't know how long it's been, but a few years ago (maybe 5. or even more than that. i don't remember) my dad made me memorize all 32 NFL teams. and i did. i think i could still list them to this day. but as far as players go, i pretty much know nothing. i know who some quarterbacks are, but that's about it. my dad has season tickets to the Titan's games, so i've been going with him to those for the past 10 years. but i still don't really know many players names. and i think all the Titans jerseys i have are for players that don't even play for us anymore.

i had never played fantasy football before, but i felt that i could do it. i mean, how hard could it be? my dad kind of explained the basics of it to me.

during the draft, you don't get to chose your players. you're just given whoever. my dad ended up with both Peyton and Eli Manning. so he wanted to trade Eli. i traded with him, but that's the only trade i've made. and like i said before, i don't know who most of the players are. so i definitely didn't have an advantage in that area.

i've already beat chris in week 3. and i beat my dad this past week, which was week 4. my dad has been the trash talker out of the group. and no one really talks back. he was quite confident he was going to beat me. and i kind of thought he would too. at least 4 of my players, maybe 5, play for the Baltimore Ravens. and they had a bye this week. so i had to drop one of them and pick up another player in order to have enough players who actually played this week. so i wasn't very confident.

the website actually predicts who will win, and they predicted my dad to win by 15+ points. lucky for me, Eli got 25 points, while Peyton (who my dad has) got 24. so we were just about even there. my tight end got me 24 points, which was very impressive. i had a player get 0 points, and i still won.

i had 2 players play last night and my defense was playing. i was down 16 points before the game started, and i beat my dad 89-80. i'm very happy with my Viking defense so far. hopefully they'll keep me undefeated the rest of the season!

on another note, i'm getting my halloween decorations today! we had some at the apartment last year, but i boxed them up and stored them at my mom's house since we didn't have much storage space at the apartment. but i'm picking them up today! i can't wait to put them out. and maybe this weekend we'll go buy some pumpkins. i can't wait! we won't carve them for a few more weeks, but they'll be cute decorations for the front porch. i'm sure i'll go buy some more stuff since we have more place to decorate this year.

oh, and don't worry. i'll be posting pictures of my decorated house soon!