Friday, October 9, 2009

show us your life - tailgates and favorite teams

so i think i've decided to participate in Kelly's Korner's weekly Show Us Your Life posts. it's fun and it gives me stuff to blog about!

i really haven't been to that many college football games. i've been to a UT game in Knoxville, a Bama game, a Georgia game and some Vandy games. i've also been to the Music City Bowl a few times with my dad. i go to a lot of Titan's games, but college games not so much.

it's not because i don't like college football. it's just because the only team that's close to me is Vandy. so i go to see Georgia play when they play at Vandy. i did go to Knoxville with my dad some years ago to a game, and also to Bama.

i will say that i go for all SEC teams. mainly UT, Georgia, Bama and Florida. my dad is a big UT fan, chris is a huge Georgia fan, Judi is a die hard Bama fan, and 2 of my cousins went to Florida. so i just like to cheer for teams that i know something about. or that people i know cheer for :)

since chris is a big Georgia fan, we went to the Georgia Vandy game 2 years ago. it was the first Georgia game i had been to, and it was so nice outside. it wasn't really hot, but it didn't get cold. so nice!

chris's best friend that lives in Savannah came up for the game, and he brought his girlfriend and some of their friends. we have some friends here that are Georgia fans too, and are close friends of chris, so we all went to the game together.

we tailgated before the wasn't very organized, but it was fun. we just had a small group together.

here are the boys hanging out on the top of the parking garage, which was our place of choice to tailgate that day.

this was our view from the top of the parking garage.
there was a lot of red at the Vandy game! more than i had expected.
clearly, this was not at a point during the game that Georgia was doing well. chris's face tells the story. don't worry, they were able to pull through for us.
and now it's happy times. Georgia is doing better.
Georgia wins! i'm pretty sure they kicked a field goal right at the end to win the game. i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure that's how it went down.
a happy chris = a happy bailey. i think it's kind of funny how chris's mood can depend on how Georgia does. this only last football season, so i can live with it. i think i only want Georiga to win so chris will be happy for that week :)
now, i'll go ahead and admit that i'm no baker. but i do know how to make a mean brownie. and recently i made some delicious cupcakes. i'll share the recipes later. but for chris's birthday 2 years ago, i made him a Georgia brownie. here's my masterpiece....
i know what you're! how did she do that?? well, i'll tell you. it was actually quite easy. i just baked some brownies, and i took a piece of paper and drew the Georgia logo on it, and then cut it out. i trimmed the brownie down to the oval shape, and added icing to make the G stand out. the G is just the brownie, nothing special. and then i put some red sprinkles around it! and's beautiful. note: it was not made to be consumed. i don't think it would've tasted very good. chris froze it and kept it for a while...and i still don't know what happened to it!


Judi said...

Great photos!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures....I
love Saturday football...really I like any football.
I have a great giveaway on both my blogs that will be given away this weekend....and all you have to do is hope you will stop by.