Saturday, October 24, 2009

weekend plans

while i sit here typing this, i'm wishing i was in bed (or on the couch) napping. but that's not going to happen. i feel like napping is a waste of my time. i don't get anything done, and i usually wake up cranky.

i feel like i've gotten a lot done today. i've cleaned, done laundry, and finished some homework. i still have more laundry to do, but i think it's going to get done either tonight or tomorrow. i took addison over to my mom's house earlier. i went because i figured out a way to get the music from my mom's iTunes on her computer to my iTunes on my laptop. then i'll be able to transfer it from my laptop to my desktop at home. so i'll have all my music again. yay!

i left addison at my mom's to nap, and came home to get a few things done. i haven't really been that successful. i get distracted easier. no, i don't have ADD. i just find things around the house on the computer to do. facebook is quite distracting. but blogger, i have to say, you're very distracting. i just click and click and click and find 100 new blogs to read. and i've been looking at blog designs and really want to get mine done. but i don't think i will just yet. maybe next year. hopefully i'll have some more readers by them....or maybe i'll teach myself how and i'll be able to do it for free!

tomorrow, i'm going to my grandmother's with my dad and addison. she had surgery thursday on her shoulder. we're taking her breakfast, which we did last sunday as well. addison likes being able to play there instead of having to sit in a highchair. she's all over the place.

we never got around to taking addison to a pumpkin patch last week. i really wanted to go to Honeysuckle Hill Farm, but i don't think we'll get to this year. chris is off wednesday, so we'll probably just take her to the place over by my mom's house and get a few pumpkins. i'll try to take pictures there though.

well, time for me to go pick up my little stinker. she should be waking up soon, and my mom has stuff for a bottle, but no food. and i don't think addison would be very happy if she didn't get to eat!


Liz said...

You are one seriously busy lady! :)