Wednesday, October 28, 2009

first tooth

well, i'll go ahead and start the story with the night before she got her tooth. i swear, i thought she was teething since she was 4 months old. and she just now getting her first tooth at 11 months!

anywho, sunday night, addison was chewing on everything. chris and i both felt around in her mouth, and we it felt like her tooth was right there. but we look and it hadn't cut. she was chewing on her book for a long time before she went to bed. it was really funny. i tried to read to her, and she liked it. but she was more concerned as to how she would get that book out of my hands and in her mouth.
here she is figuring out how to actually crawl. what she does now is more of sliding across the wood floor. but she's on her knees here and crawling! she's not very good at it yet.
so, monday when i got home from school, i decided to look in addison's mouth to see if she had a tooth. and she did! i tried to take a picture, but she hates when you try to get in her mouth. unless there's food involved, it's not cool. but after she woke up from her nap, i was able to snap this picture. you can see her first tooth, and it looks like another one's coming in! she's such the big girl!


Judi said...

Crawling and biting?:) Very cute!
Like your new blog design

The Pollans said...

I agree, your new blog looks great!

bailey said...

Thanks! I'm still working on some stuff, like a new header. Still figuring out how to do it. Hopefully it won't take much longer!