Wednesday, October 21, 2009

11 months

addison, you are 11 months old today!

i really can't believe how big you've gotten. it amazes me every day!

so, what have you been up to lately?

  • you're still wearing 12 month clothes, but gigi has been buying 18 month now for you to grow into. you look so cute in everything you wear!

  • you still eat 4 meals a day, which you have been doing for a while now. you've finally started feeding yourself little snacks. we've started giving you some table food, but not much. i don't like giving you much because you still don't have teeth!
  • you're very good with your schedule. we don't have to stick to it exactly, which is a good thing.
  • yesterday and the day before, you didn't take an afternoon nap. i'm hoping this is just a temporary thing, since i really rely on those naps to get things done! i still love you though :)
  • you're still a great sleeper at night. you've been sleeping through the night since you were around 3 months old. we're so lucky for that!
  • i really think you're getting a tooth (or teeth). i can see something that looks like a tooth about to pop through. and you've been chewing on everything! but that's been going on for a while now.

  • you are finally crawling! you go everywhere. you follow your brother around, you play at the door, and you crawl to where ever toys are. you just like getting in to everything now!
  • you started sitting up by yourself just last week. it's the cutest thing! you'll be sitting up when i come to get you in the morning or after a nap. i just love watching you!
  • today you stood up! just once, but you did it! you were sitting by the ottoman and just pulled up! i'm sure you'll do it a bunch now that you know you can.
  • you talk a lot and have a lot to say. even though i don't understand a thing that comes out of your mouth, it's still fun to listen to it!
  • you've started to be a little fussy when we go out to eat. you have to have something to do the whole time. if you don't, you get fussy. i think it's because you want to get on the floor and explore. but you can't when we're not at home!
  • you really like putting your blocks in their container. you'll crawl all over the floor to find then and put them up. then you'll dump them out and start all over.

i can't believe that in 1 short month, you will be one. it's amazing. you've grown so fast! i miss when you were tiny and would sleep on me and i could rock you. now you don't want to be held because you want to explore everything. as much as i miss you being small, i've really enjoyed watching you grow and can't wait to see what you're going to do next!