Tuesday, October 13, 2009

oh my

i've expressed my want for addison to start crawling many times. and now that she finally started crawling, i can't keep my eyes off her. not because i think it's just so cute, but because she'll get into something she shouldn't if i leave the room. don't get me wrong, i think it's cute when she crawls. but she's discovering new things every second.

she doesn't want to lay down to drink her bottle because she wants to crawl everywhere. she likes to get in the blinds and play with them, so i have to pull them up while she's awake. she puts her hands all over the back door and the front storm door. she tries to get into tybee's food. she get's in the tv cabinet and tries to play with the directv box and dvd player.

and the list goes on and on. just a little while ago she was playing with one of my shoes.

yesterday i was surprised when i went into her room to get her up after her nap. after she wakes up, i usually let her play for a little bit before i go get her. i don't like going to get her right when i hear her because i'm scared she'll get used to that and want to be picked up the second she wakes up. and she's fine just playing in her crib by herself, so why not let her? it gives me a little more time to relax.

well, onto what happened yesterday. i walked into her room, and she was sitting up! she's never sat up all by herself, so i was really surprised. she had started trying to get on her knees on sunday, but i just thought she was trying to crawl that way. she does more of an army crawl, and pulls her body. but now she'll get on her knees and kind of roll over and sit right up. it's so cute.

here she is getting up on her knees about to sit up.

when she actually sat up oh so easily right in front of me, i actually started crying. yes, i'll admit it. it wasn't like boo hoo crying, but just a few tears. i just can't believe how quickly addison is growing up. she's so big.

i called my mom to tell her, and my mom said addison sat up for her sunday night. what?? she never even told me! i thought i was all special and got to see her do it first. but it's ok. i just laughed. my mom didn't realize she had never sat up by herself before.

this morning when i went in addison's room to get her up, this is what i found.

just sitting up like hey, i've been doing this all my life.

it's so funny to watch her do it now. she's a pro. she wouldn't do it for chris at all last night. she just did it during the day and while she was in her crib. but today she was doing it all day. and she did it twice tonight for chris. he was impressed. i don't think it was as impressed as i am, but nonetheless, impressed. even though she's done it a bunch now, every time just amazes me. i get so happy. hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to catch it on video.