Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lucky number 7(0)

so i've decided to do my first giveaway on my blog!! but it won't happen until i hit 70 followers. i'm currently at 68, so i only have 2 more to go!!

want to know what i'll be giving away??

well, i think you can all guess. it's something from my shop.

are you excited??

Monday, March 29, 2010

must. blog. NOW!

ok. i'm SO sorry that i've disappeared. it's been a whole week since i blogged!! {gasp}

i was just busy/tired/lazy last week. i didn't totally fall off the face of the earth, though. i still read blogs, i just didn't actually blog.

we had a few nice days last week and were able to take addison on a bike ride one of those days. it was a lot of fun! although at the end, she just started screaming for no reason. weird. we got some looks while leaving the park, but she was fine as soon as we got home and took her out.

addison is starting to walk more than crawl. she's getting so good at it! it's amazing to watch her. she still can't stand up all on her own, but i'm sure she'll figure that out soon!

remember how i hate biology? well, we had a lecture test right before spring break and a lab test the day we got back from spring break. i thought i did ok on both tests, but i didn't really want to get my hopes up. we finally got our tests back last week, and i got an 84 on the lecture test! i was so happy! that's the best i've done in biology (including last semester). oh, and want to know what i got on the lab test?? 102! that's right! i about screamed when i saw the grade. i wanted to jump up and down and dance.

i'm currently working on a few blog designs, and a big cartel design (my first!). i'll give yall some previews of them soon!

sorry this post is so short (and a little random). i have a big biology test tomorrow (hopefully i'll do just as well on it!) and an essay that's due tonight. i'm off to write/study!

and i promise i won't slack off any more! new pictures of addison will be coming soon, too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

some more awards

i just love getting awards. i remember when i got my first award. i mean, it wasn't that long ago. but i still feel special getting awards!

i'm really behind on posting these awards. sorry! here we go :)

this first award comes from summer at summer's story. i don't really remember how we found each other, but i'm so glad we did! i really enjoy reading summer's blog, and she always leaves me the sweetest comments!!

summer gave me the sugar doll award!!

for this award (and the next), i'm supposed to list 7 things about me. i'm just gonna list them once (because i'm lazy, and because i can't really think of 14 things). they're listed after the next award :)

i'm supposed to pass this award to 7 other bloggers, so here it goes!

valerie at next to heaven
jennifer at keeping up with kaegan
jenn at life with leah
eyegirl at life as eye see it
law momma at spilled milk
haley at the diva bee
amy at ha ha. wait. what?

this next award comes from jennifer at keeping up with kaegan. we have become blog bffs, and i just love her!! she even came to me for her blog design, and i had such a fun time working with her! and i just love how it turned out!!

now, on to the award. she gave me the beautiful blog award!!

here are the rules:

1. thank the person who gave you the award.

thanks jennifer!! you're so sweet!! i love reading your blog! you always make me smile :)

2. pass the award to 7 other bloggers

summer at summer's story
jenn at life with leah
eyegirl at life as eye see it
law momma at spilled milk
haley at the diva bee
amy at ha ha. wait. what?
mary at udder. butter

3. say 7 things about yourself

- i'm a horrible morning person. i hate waking up. if i could sleep all day, i totally would!

- i will openly admit my love for the disney channel. don't hate!

- i love mexican food. i could eat it every night of the week. it is just so yummy!

- since we're talking about food, i'll go ahead and tell yall. i'm the pickiest eater. i love pasta, baked potatoes, and, as mentioned above, mexican food! the only meat i eat is chicken tenders (i don't like grilled chicken. eww), bologna, and hotdogs. oh, and i know bologna and hot dogs are like the worst, but i like them!!

- i sleep with a fan on. not like the ceiling fan (but i do sleep with that on, too). but a box fan. i used to sleep with a big box fan, but my mom found a smaller one that made just as much noise. i just need constant noise to fall asleep. without it, i have a really hard time falling asleep.

- i have a new found love for photography. since having addison, i've been trying to take a lot of picture of her. i use this blog to keep track of everything happening in her life (if you haven't noticed!). when my dad got his nice, big canon camera, i fell in love. i played with it, and he let me borrow it to take pictures of addison. that was back in october, and i still have it! i love being able to take great pictures of addison! i'm so appreciative of my dad for letting me use his camera for so long! (i know you read this, so thanks daddy!!)

- i love wheel of fortune. my granny always watches it, and i would watch it with her when i stayed at her house. if i wasn't supposed to watch tv, i would convince my granny to let me watch it because i claimed it was "educational". ha! and to this day, i still watch it all the time! i think my granny is proud :)

thanks summer and jennifer for my awards!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

what have i been up to, you ask?

i was able to get a lot of blog designs done over my spring break. hooray!!

my portfolio has been updated. you should totally check it out!!

but, if you're too lazy (like i am sometimes [wink, wink]), here are a few that i've been working on...

these two have already been installed (you can click to header to go see the whole design)...

i also did my first etsy banner!

and this one is going to be installed this weekend!!

i just love designing blogs ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, March 19, 2010

st. patty's day

i didn't really get into st. patty's day this year. i don't think i did last year either (or probably ever).

my nails are painted a green color, so that saved me from getting pinched. i forgot to dress addison in green, but who's going to pinch a cute little girl??

my mom got addison a hat and gave it to her yesterday afternoon. she didn't like it at first...

but she left it on just long enough for me to take a picture.

after i put the camera up, she decided she liked the hat and put it on her head a bunch. i knew if i got the camera back out, she would stop, so i just let her play and didn't bother trying to take pictures.

hope everyone had a great st. patty's day! maybe next year i'll be more festive :)

disney channel

am i a dork??

don't answer that.

i have a new found love for the disney channel.

for a while, i've put the disney channel on in the morning so addison can watch handy manny, mickey mouse clubhouse, jungle junction, and chuggington. but after she went to nap, i would change the channel.

sometimes phineas and ferb would be on, and i would watch it. it was my favorite disney show for a while. it's really funny and cute, but it doesn't come on that much.

recently, i've just been leaving the disney channel on when addison goes down for her nap. usually i don't even watch the tv, but i'll listen to the shows.

i thought they were dumb at first, but once i started watching them, i really liked some of them.

my favorites are wizards of waverly place, sonny with a chance, and phineas and ferb. i can tolerate the suite life, but i just can't watch hannah montana. that one is pretty annoying.

wizards is definitely my absolute favorite. i don't know why, i just think it's so funny! and everyone in the show is gorgeous. maybe that has something to do with it, too.

i use addison as my excuse for having the disney channel on, but she doesn't even watch it after the morning. i won't lie. i leave it on so i can watch it.

so, do you like any disney channel shows?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


have you watched parenthood?

when i saw the commercials for the show, i knew i had to watch it.

first, because lauren graham is in the show. she's lorelai from gilmore girls, if you didn't know. i used to watch that show religiously! and i think she is absolutely gorgeous!

second, the commercials were hilarious! enough said.

i think it may prepare me for things addison will do in the future. or at least i'll learn what to scream at her when she does do the things!

so, have you watched it? if not, you really should! it's really good. it's on NBC after the biggest loser (which i also watch).



i wrote a few weeks ago about addison starting to walk. she would only walk if we stood her up, and she'd only walk from one person to another (and not a very far distance).

but these past few days, she's been walking a lot!!

she can't stand up on her own still, but once she's standing up, she'll walk to where ever she wants to go. (at least until she falls!)

it kind of makes me sad seeing her grow up, but i'm so excited at the same time!!

here are lots of pics of addison walking...enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i love me...

...some *shey* [b]!

i just love, love, love my camera strap cover!!

i feel so cool taking pictures now. i felt really cool when i first started taking pictures with the big camera, but now i feel extremely cool. and stylish!!

if you're thinking about buying a camera strap cover, definitely check out *shey* [b]'s shop!! you won't regret it :)

traffic court

as most of you know, i got a ticket not too long ago. my court date was set for april 1, which is a thursday.

well, i have class on thursday. so i called and was going to try to get a different court date. i thought the process for changing court dates was going to be difficult, but it really wasn't. i just called and they gave me a list of dates that i could come. only thing was, they're all on tuesdays and thursdays, which are the days i have class. and they're all at 9. so i'd have to miss class.

lucky for me, i was on spring break when i called. so i went last tuesday during my break. when i got there, the court room wasn't very crowded. but as it got closer to 9, it got more and more packed.

the judge came in and told us everything. the rules, what we were supposed to do, all that fun stuff. he said that if any cell phone went off, he would have one of the officers in the courtroom come get it and we'd have to pay $10 to get it back at the end. so, i just took the battery out of my phone. i knew it would be my luck for my alarm to go off or something.

once your name was called, you went up to the judge and he asked how do you plead. then you would answer either guilty, not guilty, or no contest. most people just plead guilty, but there were a few that plead not guilty or no contest. if you plead not guilty, you had to come back for another trial and plead your case. if you said no contest, you weren't saying you're guilty, but you don't have to come back to court (but you still have to pay the court costs and stuff).

it was pretty funny listening to people try to make up excuses and say oh, i'm such a good driver. i know i wasn't speeding. or i had to run the red light. i was going to get hit! now, that last excuse is kind of believable. but i'm sure the judge hears that 10 million times a day, so it's kind of hard to believe everyone.

honestly, i think it's probably more trouble trying to get out of the ticket than just paying the fees. i'm sure some of the people want to keep it from going on their record, and that's the only way to keep that from happening. but i really don't think many people win those cases. who knows. i may be wrong!!

you remember how i said the room ended up being packed? well, i was the last person called up. i guess it was kind of my fault though. i didn't think about it before court started, but they didn't know when i was coming that day. after court had started, i realized that i was probably going to be last because they didn't have the copy of my ticket so i could be called up. so, i waited. there really wasn't much i could do, though. but it really wasn't that long. i survived!!

i got off with 60 days probation. i just can't get another ticket for the next 60 days, and it won't go on my record.

oh, and funny little story. my aunt used to babysit the judge's kids. small world, huh?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what i live for

when addison was itty bitty, she would cuddle. but she didn't really know better. she couldn't really move around, so if i cuddled with her, she was kind of stuck. i loved cuddling her with then.

now that she's moving all over the place, she doesn't really want to cuddle anymore.

sometimes she doesn't want anything to do with me and would rather play with her toys by herself. don't get me wrong, that's totally fine. it gives me a little me time. but i do wish she would cuddle more.

very recently, she's started to give hugs and kisses. she's been giving kisses for a while, but she's really started to understand recently. there are {few} times when she'll come over to me and want to sit in my lap. she'll give me a kiss and then give me a hug. she cuddles up to me and it is the best feeling in the world. i could just sit like that with her forever.

i absolutely love waking addison up in the morning and from her naps, because she always wants to cuddle then. it's so lovely. i'll just pick her up and she'll cuddle with me. ahhh. everything bad just melts away.

it's not very long lived, but it's totally worth it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

trying to be like mommy

it started with addison sitting in her big girl chair. she saw mommy sitting in a chair and wanted to be just like me. it's flattering. ha!!

now, she's stepping it up a notch. she's even getting her play laptop and sitting in her chair with it. she looks like a miniature adult. aside from her unladylike sitting...

oh addison. you are just too much!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

catching up on awards

i got these 2 awards a while ago, but i keep forgetting to blog about them! oops!

sorry ladies, i really am appreciative! just forgetful!

this first award is from haley at the diva bee.

she wants me to pass it on to other diva bloggers! the ones that i read religiously. so here we go! (i'm giving it to people who haven't already gotten it. there are a few that i read religiously, but they have already received the award!)

jennifer at keeping up with kaegan
summer at summer's story
jenn at life with leah

this next award is from valerie at next to heaven. it's the inspiring blogger award. i feel really honored to be receiving this award! it really does mean a lot!

so, i'm going to pass this on to a few of the blogs that really inspire me. i really enjoy reading these blogs daily! (like before, i'm just going to give it to people who haven't already received the award. but it doesn't mean that others don't inspire me!!)

summer at summer's story
jenn at life with leah
haley at the diva bee

Saturday, March 13, 2010


is the number of teeth addison currently has.

she cut her 7th tooth just the other day, and i'm pretty sure 8 and 9 are soon on their way as well.

she doesn't really like it when i try to stick my fingers in her mouth to look around, so i don't really get to see that much. but she has been chewing on everything lately, so i knew some more teeth were coming.

she now has 4 teeth on the bottom and 3 on top (her newest is on top). it looks like she's getting 2 (maybe even 3) more on top.

she's always been a really good teether. she doesn't cry very much. she just likes to chew on whatever she can find (usually her sippy cup, my hand, my knee, my toes, you see where this is going...)

i was scared when addison got her first tooth, because i couldn't imagine my little baby with teeth. i was scared she wouldn't be as cute when she finally got teeth. boy was i wrong! she's the cutest little thing ever!! and i love her so much.

Friday, March 12, 2010

15 month appointment

today was addison's 15 month well visit. she's actually almost 16 months, but they didn't have a well appointment for a while so we had to wait. the doctor i normally take her to wasn't in town, so we had to go to see a different one (same office, just different doctor). no worries. it wasn't the doctor i don't like. i made sure we didn't get her.

now on to addison's stats...

she weighs 23 lbs 2.5 oz, which is in the 50th percentile (i really thought she was a big baby. apparently not as big as others!)

she is 31.5 inches tall, which is in the 90th percentile. she's a tall and skinny girl apparently!! (which makes me laugh because she has a big belly!)

and last but not least, her head is 19 inches around, which is in the 90th percentile. (don't really know how else to say it. but it's big!!)

the doctor she saw today was really sweet and nice. i think we might start going back to her, because i liked her a lot. i like her normal doctor, but this one was just really good.

of course the visit wasn't all rainbows and lollipops. addison had to get 3 shots. poor baby. i hate getting shots. really hate. so i didn't really expect her to like them either. (i mean, who does??) she did really good today, though. like better than all the other times combined. she cried when she was getting the shots, but after it was over, she was totally fine. she wanted me to hold her, but she didn't cry after that! such a big girl!!

she doesn't go back until she's 18 months, and she has to get a few more shots. joy! i think she'll do just fine then, too!

another bicycle ride

we had another really nice day this week. i don't want it to get cold again! i'm sure it will, but summer is fast approaching!!

we took advantage of the nice weather and went on another bike ride. this time we went to the park, and not just around the neighborhood.

she's ready to ride!

i snapped some picture while we were at the park of just random things, too...

and another of addison, drinking her juice to give her more energy for the ride.

my mom let me borrow her bike, since i don't have one anymore. i think it's just so cute, so i had to take a picture!

i've finally got my bike riding skills back (the very few of them), so i'm not really as scared as i was like last time. i can't wait to take addison all the time in the summer!!