Saturday, March 13, 2010


is the number of teeth addison currently has.

she cut her 7th tooth just the other day, and i'm pretty sure 8 and 9 are soon on their way as well.

she doesn't really like it when i try to stick my fingers in her mouth to look around, so i don't really get to see that much. but she has been chewing on everything lately, so i knew some more teeth were coming.

she now has 4 teeth on the bottom and 3 on top (her newest is on top). it looks like she's getting 2 (maybe even 3) more on top.

she's always been a really good teether. she doesn't cry very much. she just likes to chew on whatever she can find (usually her sippy cup, my hand, my knee, my toes, you see where this is going...)

i was scared when addison got her first tooth, because i couldn't imagine my little baby with teeth. i was scared she wouldn't be as cute when she finally got teeth. boy was i wrong! she's the cutest little thing ever!! and i love her so much.


Summer said...

You are the bestest mommy! Addison is so lucky to have you! She is super cute Bailey! 7 teeth yipee! Kelcee was like 13 mths old before she got her first tooth! Yep she was toothless....LOL I was scared she was never going to get teeth! It was Ha-larious....she was always chunky so she looked like an over sized baby with no hair and no teeth LOL.... She was about 1 1/2 before she started getting lots of hair....

Kelcee used to teeth on my knee too! I have bite marks in a pair of my Gap Jeans....I will prob keep them 4-ever....

Summer ;0)

Eliza said...

She is adorable!!!! What do you mean she doesn't like it when you stick your fingers in her mouth???

Haley said...

Aw that's so exciting! I'm nervous about Jacob getting teeth but I'm anxiously excited as well.

Jenn said...

Aww! I'm glad that she's taking teething as well as she has! I know when my wisdom teeth were cutting in, I whined and cried like a baby, ha! So kudos to Addison!! :)

bailey said...

Summer - Thanks!! That is SO sweet! I really never though Addison was going to get teeth. I can't believe Summer was 13 months before she got her first!!

Eliza - She absolutely HATES when I try to look in her mouth. Unless I have food in my hand, she hates it!!

Haley - It will be fun seeing him get teeth. They change a lot. Addison looks so much older with teeth!

Jenn - I'm glad she's teething well too! I was worried it would be tough. That sucks about your wisdom teeth!! I can't imagine how much that hurt!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Sweet dollface :) Cant wait to see them in a smiling picture!