Thursday, March 18, 2010


i wrote a few weeks ago about addison starting to walk. she would only walk if we stood her up, and she'd only walk from one person to another (and not a very far distance).

but these past few days, she's been walking a lot!!

she can't stand up on her own still, but once she's standing up, she'll walk to where ever she wants to go. (at least until she falls!)

it kind of makes me sad seeing her grow up, but i'm so excited at the same time!!

here are lots of pics of addison walking...enjoy!!


Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

YAY Addison!! I just want to squeeze her, so cute!

Summer said...

She is so stinkin cute! Yay Addison!! I love her outfit! Those pants are precious! Oh and they do grow up to quickly!!

Summer :0)

Jenn said...

Yay Addison!!

aimymichelle said...

she is super adorable