Monday, March 29, 2010

must. blog. NOW!

ok. i'm SO sorry that i've disappeared. it's been a whole week since i blogged!! {gasp}

i was just busy/tired/lazy last week. i didn't totally fall off the face of the earth, though. i still read blogs, i just didn't actually blog.

we had a few nice days last week and were able to take addison on a bike ride one of those days. it was a lot of fun! although at the end, she just started screaming for no reason. weird. we got some looks while leaving the park, but she was fine as soon as we got home and took her out.

addison is starting to walk more than crawl. she's getting so good at it! it's amazing to watch her. she still can't stand up all on her own, but i'm sure she'll figure that out soon!

remember how i hate biology? well, we had a lecture test right before spring break and a lab test the day we got back from spring break. i thought i did ok on both tests, but i didn't really want to get my hopes up. we finally got our tests back last week, and i got an 84 on the lecture test! i was so happy! that's the best i've done in biology (including last semester). oh, and want to know what i got on the lab test?? 102! that's right! i about screamed when i saw the grade. i wanted to jump up and down and dance.

i'm currently working on a few blog designs, and a big cartel design (my first!). i'll give yall some previews of them soon!

sorry this post is so short (and a little random). i have a big biology test tomorrow (hopefully i'll do just as well on it!) and an essay that's due tonight. i'm off to write/study!

and i promise i won't slack off any more! new pictures of addison will be coming soon, too!


Haley said...

I have been having horrible withdrawals. Seriously it's been bad. I get on at least once every hour to see if Uve posted. Hahaha! I was just about to email you back and give you the go ahead for designiNg my blog. Send me the bill I'm READY! haha. (see email for further info lol) an then after I gave you the go ahead I was going to ask where the heck you've been! It's just not like you!! Lol anyways ok go check ur email. *e-hug*

Summer said...

I've missed ya girly! Glad you've had such an awesome week! Yay on your Biology grade you totally rocked it! Good luck on your testy test tonight! Can't wait to see all the new designs you are doing!

What is a cartel design? Dingy me hasn't a clue LOL....

Summer ;0)

aimymichelle said...