Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i'm not really a doughnut fan. wait! don't call me crazy yet.

i don't like doughnuts because i feel fat after eating just one. that's not a good feeling.

but, i do like doughnut holes!! i can eat lots of those, and i still feel good. i know, it doesn't make sense. but that's the way i think, at least pertaining to doughnuts and doughnut holes.

when i was pregnant, i would stop by every so often and get some chocolate and some cinnamon doughnut holes on the way to work. yummm. i loved it! oh, and some milk. who can have doughnuts without milk?? well, maybe it you eat them with coffee (cops).

addison got to try some doughnut holes this weekend!! she loved them. especially the chocolate ones. she is my child!!

come here doughnut hole!!

emmmmmmmmmm (that's her yummy sound, if you were wondering.)

she looks satisfied, doesn't she?

and the chocolate all over the mouth. classic.

of course i enjoyed some doughnut holes too! i'm going to have to learn how to share now...


Summer said...

Thats sooo funny! Love the little chocolate face! Kelcee loves the smell of donuts but everytime I buy them she takes a bite and then spits it out in my hand...yep donut and all LOL....

Have a Happy Day
Summer :0)

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

I love donut holes!! They are the best!