Monday, March 22, 2010

some more awards

i just love getting awards. i remember when i got my first award. i mean, it wasn't that long ago. but i still feel special getting awards!

i'm really behind on posting these awards. sorry! here we go :)

this first award comes from summer at summer's story. i don't really remember how we found each other, but i'm so glad we did! i really enjoy reading summer's blog, and she always leaves me the sweetest comments!!

summer gave me the sugar doll award!!

for this award (and the next), i'm supposed to list 7 things about me. i'm just gonna list them once (because i'm lazy, and because i can't really think of 14 things). they're listed after the next award :)

i'm supposed to pass this award to 7 other bloggers, so here it goes!

valerie at next to heaven
jennifer at keeping up with kaegan
jenn at life with leah
eyegirl at life as eye see it
law momma at spilled milk
haley at the diva bee
amy at ha ha. wait. what?

this next award comes from jennifer at keeping up with kaegan. we have become blog bffs, and i just love her!! she even came to me for her blog design, and i had such a fun time working with her! and i just love how it turned out!!

now, on to the award. she gave me the beautiful blog award!!

here are the rules:

1. thank the person who gave you the award.

thanks jennifer!! you're so sweet!! i love reading your blog! you always make me smile :)

2. pass the award to 7 other bloggers

summer at summer's story
jenn at life with leah
eyegirl at life as eye see it
law momma at spilled milk
haley at the diva bee
amy at ha ha. wait. what?
mary at udder. butter

3. say 7 things about yourself

- i'm a horrible morning person. i hate waking up. if i could sleep all day, i totally would!

- i will openly admit my love for the disney channel. don't hate!

- i love mexican food. i could eat it every night of the week. it is just so yummy!

- since we're talking about food, i'll go ahead and tell yall. i'm the pickiest eater. i love pasta, baked potatoes, and, as mentioned above, mexican food! the only meat i eat is chicken tenders (i don't like grilled chicken. eww), bologna, and hotdogs. oh, and i know bologna and hot dogs are like the worst, but i like them!!

- i sleep with a fan on. not like the ceiling fan (but i do sleep with that on, too). but a box fan. i used to sleep with a big box fan, but my mom found a smaller one that made just as much noise. i just need constant noise to fall asleep. without it, i have a really hard time falling asleep.

- i have a new found love for photography. since having addison, i've been trying to take a lot of picture of her. i use this blog to keep track of everything happening in her life (if you haven't noticed!). when my dad got his nice, big canon camera, i fell in love. i played with it, and he let me borrow it to take pictures of addison. that was back in october, and i still have it! i love being able to take great pictures of addison! i'm so appreciative of my dad for letting me use his camera for so long! (i know you read this, so thanks daddy!!)

- i love wheel of fortune. my granny always watches it, and i would watch it with her when i stayed at her house. if i wasn't supposed to watch tv, i would convince my granny to let me watch it because i claimed it was "educational". ha! and to this day, i still watch it all the time! i think my granny is proud :)

thanks summer and jennifer for my awards!


Summer said...

Ya know I can't remember how we found each other either but I'm glad we did too! Thanks for the award :0) Your a doll!!

Oh I am sooo like you with awards I only answer 7 questions about myself once because I dunno if I could come up with 14 or more LOL...

I heart wheel of fortune and family fued and the hubs and I feel like such n old married couple watching it! Hahahaha

I'm glad you found a love for photography! I'm starting too once I figure out my camera....I heart it....and I heart taking pics of Kelcee....

Have a great evening
Summer :0)

Haley said...

aw! thank you so much for my awards! i'm planning on posting all of my awards pretty soon. :)

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

Thank you so much!

Iva said...

Congratulations on your awards!!!