Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i'm just not ready

i think addison wants to grow up faster than i want her to. i mean, just look...

she's already wanting to go for a drive!!

no no no. her feet wouldn't even touch the petals!!

of course she doesn't actually want to go drive, but she does like playing with mommy's keys!

i'm sure she'll start driving at a younger age, like me. i remember driving with my dad when i was pretty young (like 8, maybe). i wasn't in total control. just whenever he would pull into his neighborhood, i'd hop in his lap and steer us home. he would press the gas, because i couldn't reach. but on nasty, rainy days, he'd let me drive his car all by myself around the park. he was with me, of course. i loved driving! i felt like such a grown up!

she also has a thing for cell phones. i really think she wants one of her own already.

who am i going to call next? or should i send a text message?

oh, wait. there's a good commercial on. you'll have to hold on...

looks like the conversation is over.

she looks like a mini adult. sitting in her chair with her my cell phone.

she gets in to everything on my phone. she's "liked" things on facebook, called random people (including an ex-boyfriend from high school), sent emails and text messages, and much much more.

what to do next??

i know. maybe i should take it away from her. but she loves it so much. she has some play phones, but sometimes those just don't do. and it makes her happy :)


Leah's Mommy said...

Aww! They start out young don't they?! Ha! My "little" one is the same way. She LOVES playing with my phone. I gave her my old one to play with bc she can do some serious stuff with my phone! And she's already learned how to take pics of herself and TEXT message it LOL! (Sigh) The joys of motherhood :) Get ready!!

Summer said...

Oh they do grow up way to quickly! LOL about the keys and cell phone! Kelcee loves mine too! She has also texted peeps, took pics I didn't even know she took LOL....funny stuff....I love this post!
Addison is a cutie patootie
Summer :0)

aimymichelle said...

hah awwwww so adorable.

anyway hey i found your blog through kellys korner!

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

This is so cute!! Haha she'll be wanting a cell phone before you know it :)

Haley said...

aww, this made me giggle! they do grow up too fact. jacob is already learning how to hold things (which he's still in the process of). but i feel like it was just yesterday i was in the hospital balling my eyes out lol. gotta say, you did a pretty good job at making her! she's toooo darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable!