Thursday, March 4, 2010

busy bee

i'm almost officially on spring break!! yippee!!

i have big plans for my break. i'm not going anywhere, but i have a lot i want to get done.

i'm going to be making some minor changes to my blog {just design stuff}, and possibly a few changes to b's {blog} boutique as well. we'll see!!

i also have 6 blogs to design over my break. i'm so excited about it!! and i keep getting more and more emails every day about designing blogs!! my plan is to get them ALL done and installed over my break so i'll be caught up!! i'll make sure to update yall on my progress with some previews :)

i'm also planning on getting some school work done. i don't have anything due over my break, but i want to get ahead. i'm going to try and get way ahead in my keyboarding class. let's hope i'm able to! i also have a biology lab test the day we go back from break. not fun. but i'll be studying for that as well!

don't worry though! i'll still be stopping by! i have some new pictures of addison to share, and hopefully i'll take even more over my break!! maybe even some video of her walking!


Summer said...

Yay....Spring Break Wooo Hooo.....nothing better than a Staycation sometimes...LOL
Good luck on your bloggy's that you are will have to let us peak! Oooh you have to upload a pick of that cute little girl you have walking...
Glad your design business is doing good for ya....
Hope you have a Happy Thursday
Summer :0)

Eyegirl said...

Enjoy your break. I know I can't wait for mine!

Heather Martin said...

Have a great spring break!!!!!!