Tuesday, March 2, 2010


well, when i switched to my new domain yesterday, all of my comments went bye bye. it makes me sad...

i emailed disqus about it, and hopefully they can fix it. they had something in their help section about it, so i'm assuming it's a common thing, and hopefully an easy fix.

i didn't want anyone to think i had deleted their comments!! because i didn't :)

and the scroll with my blog buttons is getting stuck. i'm going to work on that this afternoon. no time now!

i have class, and a quiz in biology. but i'm turning in all of my homework today, so my lowest biology lecture test and lab test grades will be dropped! yippee!!

hope everyone has a great day!!


harmonysong said...

I love the name Addison! She is darn cute, too!!

Laurie said...

Saw your link at Kelly's Korner. Love the blog. Stinkin' Cute! Your baby girl is adorable and her name is precious!

mama's smitten said...

Good luck on your Anatomy test! I have one on Thurs:0 !