Tuesday, March 9, 2010


do you ever have days when you feel like superwoman? well, maybe not days, but moments

i never remember having any before i became a mom.

but after i had addison, i had superwoman moments all the time.

i think when you become a mother, you gain all of these new traits. the most superwoman trait of all that i gained was being able to carry lots of things all at once.

from the time addison was born until about 7 months, she was in a car seat that could be taken out of the car and carried inside (and it could be put on the stroller, too). i don't really remember what those are called, but i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. convertible car seats, maybe?

before i had addison, i started to carry it around the apartment to see how i would carry it and so i could get the feel for it, since i knew i'd be carrying it everywhere with me.

it took me about a week after i had addison to get used to carrying the thing. but once i got used to it, i was superwoman. i would just scoop it up and carry it in the bend of my arm. i could carry the car seat, the diaper bag (which weighed a lot in of itself), and anything else i needed to carry (like a drink, another bag, pretty much anything). my family would always ask do you need any help? and i would always say no, i've got it!

as addison started to gain more and more weight, it obviously started to get heavier. but i was still ok. i'm still superwoman, you know!

i don't really have as many superwoman moments anymore. i guess it's because i'm so used to doing everything now.

don't worry, though. i can still carry addison and a ton of stuff! it's even harder now, since i have to actually carry her, not her in the car seat. superwoman still lives in me!


Summer said...

Girl yep we all have super woman moments! I used to whine when I lifted potatoes before I had Kelcee and once I had her I found myself carrying her carseat thingy, diaper bag, big purse, etc. and not flenching....She is now 3 and weighs 37 lbs and I lift her like it's nothing with my disease and all....I think the steroids I'm on contribute to the Superwoman feel LOL....

Have a Happy Day
Summer :0)

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

Aww! You are superwoman!

Tara said...

I still suck at carrying Gavin's infant car seat! It is so heavy and awkward. Since it's winter and super snowy we have been staying home alot. I have only taken the stroller out of the house one time since he's been born!!!! (4 months!)

Haley said...

I love superwoman moments!! Though mine aren't quite like yours i still have them rarely but occassionally! I love the feeling of empowerment! Hehe:)

Judi said...

You've always been a super woman:)!

Jenn said...

I 100% completely agree with you! Being a mother in itself should always make you feel like Superwoman :) Anyone that can shell out a baby IS Superwoman, ha!